Region 7 residents decry deplorable access roads to communities

first_img…during ministerial visitDuring a ministerial visit to a number of communities tucked away in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni), residents came out in their numbers and expressed longstanding concerns, mainly with regard to the deplorable access to these remote villages.A section of the deplorable trail between Kamarang and WaramadongVillagers were at their wits’ end over the dilapidated infrastructure and non-existing alternative routes for those travelling in and out of the rural communities, particularly during the rainy season.Leading the visit was Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson, who was accompanied by the Minister of Public Affairs, Dawn Hastings-Williams, who had first-hand experience of the difficulties faced by those residing in these areas, on a daily basis.The Ministers and their respective teams also got an idea of the difficulties usually encountered as they were forced to weather the rains by travelling on ATVs from one village to the other, all the while inspecting the trail between the two target communities, Kamarang and Waramadong.Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson meeting with residents of the Region Seven communitiesFollowing the field visit, the Ministers also convened a ‘town hall meeting,’ which opened the floor for residents hailing from Kamarang, Waramadong, Jawalla, and Kako to highlight issues affecting their community.It was during this forum that a number of issues were raised, with the poor access to communities topping the list.It was then that the residents called for an upgrade of riverine networks to transport heavy materials as well as the construction of two airstrips, one in Jawalla and the other in Waramadong, to bridge the existing gap in transportation.Overcrowding of schools in the sub-region; insufficient energy supply to the communities; and a need to improve the water system were also among the complaints aired by those in attendance at the meeting.In responding to these concerns, Minister Patterson indicated that while he could not definitively say what works his Ministry would be executing in the sub-region following the visit, he promised that works would be done when a full assessment was completed.Continuing on that note, Patterson apologised to the residents for not visiting the communities sooner, having recognised that the urgency of infrastructural works needed for the sub-region had not been adequately emphasised by the relevant regional authorities.Nevertheless, the meeting with the Ministers culminated on a high note after the villagers’ requests were immediately granted. As a result, Chief Aerodromes Inspector Alphonso Mangah was given the go-ahead to provide the necessary assistance from the Ministry through his agency.Earlier this year, some of the very communities visited by the Ministers were faced with considerable destruction after massive flooding wiped out several homes and significantly hindered the livelihoods of many across Region Seven.last_img read more

Catcher Chris Herrmann makes grand entrance to Oakland A’s lineup

first_imgClick here if you are having trouble viewing the slideshow on a mobile device.OAKLAND — Chris Herrmann needed just two at-bats to make an impression on his Oakland A’s teammates.The catcher, following a 60-day IL stint to begin his first year with the A’s, had an Oakland debut to remember, mashing a go-ahead grand slam off All-Star Minnesota Twins pitcher Jake Odorizzi to boost the A’s to an 8-6 win on Tuesday night.Herrmann’s slam came on a 1-1 fastball, effectively booting Odorizzi out of …last_img

No swine flu threat to Confed Cup

first_imgSouth African football fans. (Image: Chris Kirchhoff, For more free photos, visit the image library.)Janine Erasmus South African health authorities have reassured football fans that the global outbreak of swine flu will not derail this year’s Confederations Cup. A wide-ranging plan of action is in full swing to prevent the disease, which originated in Mexico and is now known as Influenza A(H1N1), from reaching the country and spreading in the region.South Africa is due to host the 2009 Confederations Cup from 14 to 28 June. The tournament, which pits eight of the world’s top teams against each other, is viewed as a precursor to the 2010 Fifa World Cup.World football body Fifa, under whose auspices both events are held, has announced that it is monitoring the flu situation and will only postpone the tournament if absolutely necessary.Fifa secretary-general Jerome Valcke said that he hopes the situation will be under control before national teams are due to travel to South Africa.“We will cancel only if we feel that we have to. If there are no risks and if we have all the necessary assurances, the competition will go ahead.”Full-scale alertTask teams from the health, environmental and security sectors have leaped into action to combat the swine flu threat, with environmental experts, veterinary surgeons, the defence force, and epidemiologists on the alert for any sign of H1N1.Measures are in place to stop possibly infected patients at all points of entry into the country and response teams are standing by in all provinces.World Cup Local Organising Committee CEO Danny Jordaan confirmed that preparations for the tournament were going ahead and that all stakeholders were working closely together.“At this stage our position is quite clear … the Confederations Cup will go ahead as planned,” he said.Authorities have assured the public that while there is no need for panic, people should not become complacent – good hygiene should be practised at all times, and medical help must be sought if any flu-like symptoms develop.Frew Benson, chief director for communicable disease at the national Department of Health (DoH), said South Africa is approaching its annual flu season, and that people are more likely to contract normal flu than swine flu.He added that the best way to prevent the spread of any kind of flu is for sick people to be responsible and to distance themselves from others by staying home and getting treatment.Multifaceted strategyThe DoH has activated its national influenza preparedness plan, which was drawn up in 2007 in response to the avian flu scare that swept the world that year. According to Benson, the mortality rate of H1N1 is lower than that of avian flu.The national plan outlines the steps to be taken in the event of a flu outbreak and is operational in all nine provinces. Strategies include the monitoring of communicable diseases within provinces, investigation of suspected cases, and appropriate response to each case.South Africa’s line of defence includes the deployment of thermal scanners at the country’s three major international airports (OR Tambo, Cape Town and Lanseria, which had one in place before the outbreak), as well as plans and facilities to quickly isolate any confirmed airport cases at hospitals nearby.At around US$67 000 (R500 000) each, the thermal scanners used to detect raised temperatures due to illness in humans are expensive, but have a longer-term use in detecting drug smugglers, who present higher temperatures because of anxiety.The DoH has a stockpile of Tamiflu antiviral medication, enough to treat 100 000 patients. Tamiflu is an effective treatment for avian flu but can also be used to combat H1N1. It is believed that the private sector has an even bigger stockpile of at least 200 000 units.The World Health Organisation is currently working on the development of an H1N1 vaccine, but says that this can take up to six months. Regulatory approval will be undertaken alongside the manufacturing process, and the virus will be closely monitored in future to enable a quick response to any mutation.Other actions within South Africa include comprehensive and compulsory medical questionnaires for all international arrivals, especially from affected countries; funds set aside to boost antiviral supplies if necessary; medical check-up at airports, including temperature monitoring, of those suspected of being ill; more equipment; and a virus hotline for professionals.The African Union also announced contingency plans in place in many countries and while they are not all as drastic as Egypt’s pig slaughter programme, they indicate the continent’s readiness to take on the global threat.Ghana and Gabon have stopped pork imports altogether, and Kenya, Mauritania, Senegal, Zambia, Zimbabwe and other countries are also monitoring airports and ports.No cause for alarmH1N1 has not reached South African shores. Two travellers with flu-like symptoms were quarantined for tests at the end of April – both have tested negative, meaning that to date there is no swine flu in South Africa.In addition, says the DoH, the Department of Agriculture has reported no cases of swine flu among pigs in the Southern African region. As the virus cannot be transmitted through eating pork, the DoH has hastened to assure consumers that it is safe to carry on eating the meat although, as with all prepared food, it should be cooked properly.The latest status report from the World Health Organisation confirms this. Of the 20 countries who have officially reported cases of H1N1 so far, there are none on the African continent. The world health body has not issued any travel restrictions related to the disease.The possibility is now being mooted that Mexico had overreacted to the swine flu outbreak, portraying the disease as more deadly than it actually is. At the time Mexico reported around 60 possible deaths as a result of swine flu – the number has since been revised to an official 25, reports the World Health Organisation. According to health experts, this is congruent with normal seasonal flu.Do you have queries or comments about this article? Contact Janine Erasmus at articlesTicketing centres for Confed CupWorld Cup ticket frenzy Uefa praises SA’s 2010 readiness 500 days to 2010 Useful linksDepartment of HealthNational Institute of Communicable DiseasesWorld Health Organisation – Influenza A(H1N1)African UnionConfederations Cuplast_img read more

A Jukebox in the Cloud: Rhapsody Comes to the iPhone

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Tags:#news#NYT#web Rhapsody vs. SpotifyIn the US, Rhapsody is currently the only game in town when it comes to on-demand music streaming. Unlike Spotify, Rhapsody doesn’t offer an offline mode, thanks to the arcane licensing restrictions the music industry still favors, and is only available in a select number of markets in Europe at this point. Maybe later versions will feature this ability – especially given that Apple has now allowed the Spotify app into the App Store.Once Spotify launches in the US App Store, however, Rhapsody will come under a lot of pressure, especially if Rhapsody doesn’t offer offline storage at that point. Currently, Rhapsody does offer more songs (8 million vs. 4.5 million) and the prices are similar (€9.99 vs. $15).Free TrialSigning up for the free 7-day trial is easy and doesn’t require a credit card, so if you are on the fence about trying Rhapsody out, just install the app and follow the instructions from the home screen. Apple just pointed out that it doesn’t believe in music subscriptions during its annual iPod event yesterday, but depending on your listening habits, a $14.99 subscription per month might actually turn out to be a pretty good deal. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting FeaturesRhapsody has all the features you would probably want from a streaming music app. Browsing by genres, charts, or simply searching for artists and specific tracks is easy and fast. Once you have found something you like, you can also easily add it to your ‘library’ so that you can find it quickly at a later point. Rhapsody also offers radio stations based on genres or artists, similar to what the Slacker Radio and Pandora apps offer on the iPhone.One thing we especially like about the app is how easy it is to manage and create playlists. While this feature is somewhat hidden – you have to keep pressing the name of a song or album for a second or two for the right menu to pop up – it does give you the ability to create a library of songs you like and to manage playlists. We are not quite sure at what rate Rhapsody is actually streaming this music to the iPhone, but at least over Wi-Fi and the AT&T 3G network, the sound quality is quite good. frederic lardinoiscenter_img A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Rhapsody, the online streaming music service, just launched its iPhone and iPod touch app (iTunes link). While there had been some discussion about whether Apple would actually allow this ‘iTunes competitor’ on the iPhone, the approval process looks to have been relatively smooth for Rhapsody. The app feels very similar to Apple’s own iPod app. From within the app, you can search Rhapsody’s library of 8 million tracks, surf genres, create playlists, or find new music released this week. Overall, we came away quite impressed after testing the app out for a while, though the $14.99/month subscription fee (after a free 7-day trial) will surely keep some potential users away.In our tests, the app was very responsive though we should point out that it also crashed a few times during our tests this morning. Songs generally started to play after just a few seconds, though your mileage may vary depending on your local network. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts last_img read more

In The Spotlight – Nathan Jones

first_imgIn the twenty-seventh edition of In The Spotlight, Australian Men’s Open captain, Nathan Jones, speaks about what it means to him to be playing for Australia at the 2011 World Cup, and the biggest influences on his Touch Football career. Name: Nathan JonesNickname: JonesyAge: 30Affiliate: Lismore/DodgersOccupation: AccountantPosition: MiddleDebut for Australia: 2005 All Nations Tournament (Australian Mixed Open)Career highlights so far: 2010 Trans Tasman Series, 2009 National Touch League and 2004 New South Wales State Cup.How you got involved in Touch Football: My parents took me down to the local comp in Ballina. Favourite player: Ryan Pollock.What does it mean to you to be representing Australia at the 2011 World Cup: It means a lot, you can’t beat playing for Australia at a World Cup.Biggest influence on your Touch Football career: Mook Harrington and my family who have always supported me.Favourite sporting moment: Queensland State of Origin wins.What do you know about Scotland: It’s known for its whisky.Any superstitions: NoneFunniest Australian teammate: Stevie Roberts Favourite quote: ‘Grip it and rip it’ RP3 special!Any travel plans for after World Cup: A few days touring Scotland then some sightseeing around Europe.Stay tuned to the website for the upcoming editions of In The Spotlight, which will feature every Open’s player travelling to the World Cup. With only a month to go until the 2011 Federation of International Touch World Cup, be sure to be regularly visiting the Touch Football Australia website to keep up-to-date with all of the latest news and information. Don’t forget to become a fan of Touch Football Australia on Facebook and Twitter in the lead up to the 2011 World Cup to find out all you need to know about Australia’s World Cup campaign:!/pages/Touch-Football-Australia/384949403384 read more

16 days ago​Mustafi annoyed by Arsenal legend Petit: He should know better

first_img​Mustafi annoyed by Arsenal legend Petit: He should know betterby Ansser Sadiq16 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi is not happy with club legend Emmanuel Petit.The German defender spoke at length about how he felt that he was blamed for defeats, even when they were not his fault.And among those who spoke negatively about him in public, he singled out French World Cup winner Petit for particular criticism.”That annoyed me a lot [Petit calling him the king of blunders],” he told Der Spiegel. “It’s the one thing when fans or media criticise you. But it’s a different story when an ex-player who knows how hard it is on the field sometimes says so.”I expect such players to be more sensitive and realise what this sharply worded critique can trigger. In the past, that might have been in the paper one day, and then people would have forgotten it. Today it’s on the Internet and will haunt me for the rest of my career.”Former players like Petit should not have to make a name for themselves by making condescending comments about current players.” About the authorAnsser SadiqShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Tsakos Energy Confirms Order for Aframax Duo

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pexels under CC0 Creative Commons license Tanker operator Tsakos Energy Navigation (TEN) has confirmed its plans to construct two new Aframax tankers.The order, placed following the end of the first quarter of 2018, is a part of long-term contracts signed with an undisclosed oil major.TEN informed that the time charter equivalent income of the two new Aframax tankers, over the minimum charter period, equates to about USD 82 million.The company unveiled the order as part of its financial report for the for the first quarter ended March 31, 2018.TEN delivered a net loss of USD 11.9 million for the period, compared to a net income of USD 17.4 million reported in the first quarter of 2017. The company’s voyage revenues were at USD 125.7 million, decreasing from USD 138.2 million seen a year earlier.With 80% of the fleet employed during the first quarter on secured revenue contracts, TEN said it was able “to successfully manage the impact of an exceptionally poor spot market, in which rates, in all categories of vessels, reached historic lows.”“Navigating one of the weakest quarters in recent memory, TEN’s operating strategy of keeping the majority of the fleet on long term contracts significantly benefited our revenues and protected us from the pressure the markets were applying on companies with heavy exposure to the spot market,” George Saroglou, COO of TEN, said.last_img read more

I wish you were still here

first_imgAPTN National NewsOTTAWA–Holding large portrait photographs, the families of missing and murdered First Nations, Metis and Inuit women called out to the rest of the country to help preserve the memories of their loved ones and join their fight for justice.Beneath the Peace Tower and cold blue skies, a crowd of at least 200 gathered Monday and listened quietly as the individual stories of some of the women in the photographs echoed off the stone walls of the Parliament buildings.Their stories were part of the ceremony marking the fifth annual Sisters in Spirit Vigil.There was the story told by Bridget Tolley, whose mother Gladys Tolley was hit and killed by a Surete du Quebec police car in October 2001.Tolley said she is still searching for answers about her mother’s death which happened as she walked home, crossing a highway that cuts through the Kitigan Zibi First Nations reserve, about 150 kilometres north of Ottawa.Tolley said she believed her mother’s death had been covered up by the investigating police agencies–among them the SQ and the Montreal police–to absolve the officer involved of wrongdoing.She said her request for a public inquiry into the death had been rebuffed by the Quebec government earlier this year.“For the past nine years I have been searching for answers. It has been a long and difficult journey,” said Tolley. “I will keep fighting. This fight is not only to restore my mother’s dignity, but to support all the missing and murdered Aboriginal girls and their families.”There was the story by Aileen Joseph, from Six Nations, whose grandson Ivan killed himself 16 months after his mother, Shelly Lynne Joseph, was murdered in Hamilton, Ont., in 2004“Not only did I lose my daughter. Due to the intensity of her death my grandson died from suicide 16 months later,” said Joseph, whose birthday is Oct. 5. “For my birthday in October 2005 he wrote a poem for her. It was his last poem he was ever to write.”And then she read the poem.“I wish you were still here. You know there are times in this world when every man in the world needs someone to talk to, someone who will be there to the end. Someone who will let you spread your wings…Yes I wish you were still here. You know even more than I like to admit from time to time, I still need your advice.“I remember telling you about a girl. I remember letting you back into my world. I remember the first day you said goodbye. I remember every night after that I cried.“And yes I wish you were still here, so right now there is nothing more in this world I would ever want than a friend to make up my mind….“…A match to light my way while I search for a better day and when I find it, I’ll wish you were still here.”And then Joseph delivered a message to the crowd, but aimed at the Conservative government.“Thank you for coming and showing the world our women are loved and worth more than $10 million.The Conservative government promised earlier this $10 million toward a strategy to deal with missing and murdered women.No details have emerged since the March Speech from the Throne.There was also Laurie Odjick, also from Kitigan Zibi, whose 16-year-old daughter Maisy Odjick disappeared on Sept. 6, 2008, along with friend Shannon Alexander, 17.Odjick said that she felt abandoned by the First Nations political leadership.She criticized both Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, who is from the community, and Assembly of First Nations national Chief Shawn Atleo, for not spending enough of their energies on helping the families of victims.“You have Patrick Brazeau demanding accountability for the money First Nations receive…Who holds the police accountable for their lack of action, who holds them accountable for negligence and incompetence?” said Odjick. “Our native leaders should be here helping us. We have been asking too long to meet with you…I asked the national chief to meet with me…still no answer. They should hear our stories. They do not know what we are going through. No one does, unless you are living it.”Brazeau was in the audience listening. Other political leaders stood in the crowd, including Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and NDP leader Jack Layton.Native Women’s Association of Canada president Jeannette Corbiere Lavell said the vigil was an important event to help the families of murdered and missing women deal with the grief of their loss.“We cannot afford to lose any more of our women,” she said. “Each loss of our women and girls through violence, murder, through being abducted…it hits us gravely us grandmothers, mothers and sisters. This has to stop.”Lavell said her organization had tallied at least 600 missing women cases across the country and that she believed there were probably many more.AFN regional Chief Angus Toulouse, who spoke on behalf of the AFN leadership, said he was overwhelmed by the numbers of murdered and missing women.“There has been so many,” said Toulouse. “It is sad that we have to stand here today to remind government and officials that this is important and critical for our families…to put the kind of closure they need to move on. Without the answers to many of the questions still there…it won’t go away.”Shoshanna Tolley read a poem as part of the youth message for the day’s event.“They say it is better to light a candle than curse the dark.”There was a moment of silence.Then the silence was punctured by the drumming and singing of women who led a procession of victims’ families back toward the street where their voices lingered and were lost.last_img read more

Facebook joins top Indian music labels

first_imgMumbai: Facebook on Thursday announced to partner top music labels in India that will let its nearly 300 million users in the country express themselves with music on its platform as well as Instagram. With the partnerships with T-Series Music, Zee Music Company and Yash Raj Films, Facebook will allow the users to include their favourite music in videos, messages, posts, stories and other creative content. “People will now be able to include music in their videos on Facebook and Instagram, opening up more options for more ways to express and sharing memories with friends and family,” said Manish Chopra, Director and Head of Partnerships, Facebook India. Also Read – Spotify rolls out Siri support, new Apple TV app Facebook has partnered with the music community in more than 40 countries. “We’re introducing a new feature: from a song on your profile, we’re making it possible to tap through to Spotify so people can listen to the full song and discover more from that artist. “We’ll be adding other partners in the near future as well,” the company said in a blog post. The Spotify feature, however, is yet to come to India. According to Anand Gurnani, Vice President-Digital, Yash Raj Films, “our association with Facebook offers a chance for audiences to experiment and express themselves through music and share the same with their friends”. “We have one of the largest catalogue of songs. Today’s digitally-savvy consumers are ultra-creative and it will be interesting to see how they re-purpose our music and videos to say what they want the world to hear,” added Neeraj Kalyan, T-Series President and Digital head.last_img read more

Recognising the contribution of queen of sarod

first_imgThe 90th birth anniversary of the legendary queen of sarod, late Guru Sharan Rani is being commemorated with an event in the Capital. As the foremost woman practitioner of the sarod, a handpicked and personally trained disciple of late Baba Allauddin Khan, Guru Sharan Rani pioneered a revolution by making sarod a woman-friendly classical instrument. Her personal contribution to the art of playing sarod, by introducing the instrument to hundreds of music lovers worldwide through innumerable concerts held at prestigious platforms in India and abroad, remains legendary. Also Read – An income drop can harm brainIn keeping with her pristine status and appeal, a commemorative evening is being organised by her daughter Radhika Backliwal Narain, wherein a Lifetime Achievement Award will be conferred on Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, the country’s ace Mohan Veena Vadak. The event will be held on April 7, at India International Centre. The event will also see a live concert recital by the maestro, where he will be accompanied by his son and disciple Salil Bhatt, on the Satvik Veena. Tabla accompaniment for the same will be provided by Ram Kumar Mishra. For connoisseurs and music aficionados, there will be an opportunity to relive the Sharan Rani era through a short film of 29 minutes, featuring snippets from the musical journey of the Sharan Rani. The film has been directed by Radhika Backliwal Narain and deftly takes into account the personal, musical and international makeover along with the professional excellence of this performer.last_img read more