Hima Das’ coach accused of sexual assault

first_imgAthletics coach Nipon Das, who guided 400m star Hima Das to the first gold medal for an Indian in an international track event, has been accused of sexual assault by an athlete who trained under him in Guwahati.The athlete said Mr. Das sexually assaulted her at Sarusajai Stadium in Guwahati during her training session and that she could not take it any more, after he allegedly grabbed her in a washroom, on May 18. The athlete’s family filed a complaint against Mr. Das at the Basistha police station on June 22. The police arrested Mr. Das, who got bail the next day. They said the case was under investigation.last_img

Province Provides Funds to Rural Transit Groups

first_img CHAD Transit, Pictou County Colchester Transportation Co-operative Ltd., Colchester County Municipality of Chester Transportation Society, Municipality of Chester Cumberland County Transportation Service, Cumberland County East Hants Community Rider, eastern Hants County HOPE Dial-A-ride, Yarmouth County Kings Point-To-Point Transit, central, eastern Kings County MusGo Rider Co-operative Ltd., Jeddore, Musquodoboit Harbour, Chezzetcook and Porters Lake Sou’West Nova Transit Association, Shelburne County Strait Area Transit Co-operative Ltd., Richmond and Inverness counties Trans County Transportation Society, Annapolis and western Kings counties Transport de Clare, Digby County West Hants Dial-A-Ride, western Hants County La Coopérative de transport de Chéticamp Ltée., Chéticamp The province is helping Nova Scotians access public transportation in rural communities by providing a grant for capital and operating expenses. Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations Minister John MacDonell announced today, May 31, $300,000 in funding from the Sustainable Transportation Strategy for the province’s 14 rural transit organizations. The one-time, unconditional grant will be shared equally. “We recognize that access to transportation is a daily necessity for most people, whether going to work, getting groceries, accessing health care services or participating in community activities,” said Mr. MacDonell. “This funding will help these organizations provide affordable and accessible transportation to Nova Scotians across the province. “The aim of the Sustainable Transportation Strategy is to ensure that our transportation systems support healthy communities, by helping us to drive less, and move more efficiently.” The Rural Transportation Association and its members provide transportation to seniors, persons with disabilities and Nova Scotians with barriers to transportation to travel to and from medical appointments, educational programs, social and recreation opportunities and errands. “Our organization appreciates the ongoing support we receive from the province through the Community Transportation Assistance Program which helps us provide community-based public transportation in rural Nova Scotia,” said Kim Aker, chair of the Rural Transportation Association. “The additional funding announced today will allow our organizations to address growing demands, contribute to building age friendly communities, and ensure quality of life for our citizens.” The organizations receiving the grant are:last_img read more

The Big Story The wheels come off in the West

first_imgGreyhound buses have been an essential part of transportation in the prairies for nearly a century, but that ends November 1st.The company says declining ridership has forced them to take their buses off the roads of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and almost all of B.C.What happens to communities that rely on them as public transit? Should government step in?In today’s “Big Story” podcast, reporters Kaitlin Lee from 660 NEWS in Calgary and Kayla Butler from NEWS 1130 in Vancouver are hearing from Canadians about what it means when service stops.“We’ve had reaction come in from parents whose adult kids are going to post-secondary school in [places like] Kamloops and Kelowna and because they live in the Lower Mainland, they might not necessarily have a car,” explains Butler.“So, the way they get out to the Okanagan for school every year — and home again — is Greyhound. It’s affordable for people on a student budget and they don’t have to worry about those big insurance costs. Now they’re, ‘What now? I have to pay for a flight every single time I want to go back and forth?’”Lee says in Alberta, the impact will be most heavily felt in rural areas.“There are other alternatives in bigger cities like Calgary. There are other buses that can go to and from cities, but in smaller towns, this might be the only way people can get to the big city or from town to town. Especially people who don’t have a driver’s license or a car. We don’t have Via Rail service out here anymore, either. That got cut back in the 1990s. So, it’s a very key service for people in smaller, rural areas.”You can hear the full episode and subscribe to The Big Story podcast on iTunes or Google Play.You can also hear it online at thebigstorypodcast.ca.last_img read more

I wish you were still here

first_imgAPTN National NewsOTTAWA–Holding large portrait photographs, the families of missing and murdered First Nations, Metis and Inuit women called out to the rest of the country to help preserve the memories of their loved ones and join their fight for justice.Beneath the Peace Tower and cold blue skies, a crowd of at least 200 gathered Monday and listened quietly as the individual stories of some of the women in the photographs echoed off the stone walls of the Parliament buildings.Their stories were part of the ceremony marking the fifth annual Sisters in Spirit Vigil.There was the story told by Bridget Tolley, whose mother Gladys Tolley was hit and killed by a Surete du Quebec police car in October 2001.Tolley said she is still searching for answers about her mother’s death which happened as she walked home, crossing a highway that cuts through the Kitigan Zibi First Nations reserve, about 150 kilometres north of Ottawa.Tolley said she believed her mother’s death had been covered up by the investigating police agencies–among them the SQ and the Montreal police–to absolve the officer involved of wrongdoing.She said her request for a public inquiry into the death had been rebuffed by the Quebec government earlier this year.“For the past nine years I have been searching for answers. It has been a long and difficult journey,” said Tolley. “I will keep fighting. This fight is not only to restore my mother’s dignity, but to support all the missing and murdered Aboriginal girls and their families.”There was the story by Aileen Joseph, from Six Nations, whose grandson Ivan killed himself 16 months after his mother, Shelly Lynne Joseph, was murdered in Hamilton, Ont., in 2004“Not only did I lose my daughter. Due to the intensity of her death my grandson died from suicide 16 months later,” said Joseph, whose birthday is Oct. 5. “For my birthday in October 2005 he wrote a poem for her. It was his last poem he was ever to write.”And then she read the poem.“I wish you were still here. You know there are times in this world when every man in the world needs someone to talk to, someone who will be there to the end. Someone who will let you spread your wings…Yes I wish you were still here. You know even more than I like to admit from time to time, I still need your advice.“I remember telling you about a girl. I remember letting you back into my world. I remember the first day you said goodbye. I remember every night after that I cried.“And yes I wish you were still here, so right now there is nothing more in this world I would ever want than a friend to make up my mind….“…A match to light my way while I search for a better day and when I find it, I’ll wish you were still here.”And then Joseph delivered a message to the crowd, but aimed at the Conservative government.“Thank you for coming and showing the world our women are loved and worth more than $10 million.The Conservative government promised earlier this $10 million toward a strategy to deal with missing and murdered women.No details have emerged since the March Speech from the Throne.There was also Laurie Odjick, also from Kitigan Zibi, whose 16-year-old daughter Maisy Odjick disappeared on Sept. 6, 2008, along with friend Shannon Alexander, 17.Odjick said that she felt abandoned by the First Nations political leadership.She criticized both Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, who is from the community, and Assembly of First Nations national Chief Shawn Atleo, for not spending enough of their energies on helping the families of victims.“You have Patrick Brazeau demanding accountability for the money First Nations receive…Who holds the police accountable for their lack of action, who holds them accountable for negligence and incompetence?” said Odjick. “Our native leaders should be here helping us. We have been asking too long to meet with you…I asked the national chief to meet with me…still no answer. They should hear our stories. They do not know what we are going through. No one does, unless you are living it.”Brazeau was in the audience listening. Other political leaders stood in the crowd, including Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and NDP leader Jack Layton.Native Women’s Association of Canada president Jeannette Corbiere Lavell said the vigil was an important event to help the families of murdered and missing women deal with the grief of their loss.“We cannot afford to lose any more of our women,” she said. “Each loss of our women and girls through violence, murder, through being abducted…it hits us gravely us grandmothers, mothers and sisters. This has to stop.”Lavell said her organization had tallied at least 600 missing women cases across the country and that she believed there were probably many more.AFN regional Chief Angus Toulouse, who spoke on behalf of the AFN leadership, said he was overwhelmed by the numbers of murdered and missing women.“There has been so many,” said Toulouse. “It is sad that we have to stand here today to remind government and officials that this is important and critical for our families…to put the kind of closure they need to move on. Without the answers to many of the questions still there…it won’t go away.”Shoshanna Tolley read a poem as part of the youth message for the day’s event.“They say it is better to light a candle than curse the dark.”There was a moment of silence.Then the silence was punctured by the drumming and singing of women who led a procession of victims’ families back toward the street where their voices lingered and were lost.last_img read more

Nunavik designer Victoria Okpiks latest creation is out of this world

first_imgTom FennarioAPTN NewsVictoria Okpik has a sure fire way of relieving the pressures of work at the end of the day – she takes a moment to stare up into the night sky.“It’s kind of a nice thing to know that, this thing is in the space…somewhere!” she said with a laugh.The thing that Okpik is talking about is a bracelet…A sealskin bracelet to be exact, one that she crafted recently in her Montreal studio and is now on the International Space Station.“I’m proud that this bracelet is somewhere in the space, and Inuit should be proud of that as well,” said the 50 year old Okpik, who is originally from the small Nunavik community of Quaqtaq, QC.Earlier this month, Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques rode a Soyuz booster rocket all the way from a launch pad in Kazakhstan to the International Space Station.But before he was blasting off into space, Saint-Jacques was a physician in Puvirnituq, QC, an Inuit community of about 1,700 people in the subarctic Nunavik region.(The bracelet that Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques took into space. Photo courtesy: Victoria Okpik)Okpik said Saint-Jacques reached out to her this past summer on the recommendation of a mutual friend.“David wanted to bring something that was meaningful to Inuit,” recalled Okpik, “I think because he was a doctor up north, so I think that he feels he has a connection.”Saint-Jacques will spend about six and half months in space conducting science experiments and operating robotics on the space station.In a press conference held remotely from the space station, he emphasized that he wants to share his experiences with the world as much as possible.“It was nighttime, and then there was our first sunrise, on orbit and that was quite an emotional moment as I looked out the window and a little blue crescent started to get brighter and brighter, and I was like, ‘wow, this is actually the curve of the Earth.’ So that first sunrise in orbit I will never forget,” said a floating Saint-Jacques, approximately 400 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.But these days Okpik is a little too preoccupied to keep track of Saint-Jacques’s exploits in space.The holidays are a busy time of year when her hand crafted Inuit style mittens are in the most demand.Now, along with balancing her usual orders and a full time day job, she finds herself with a plethora of requests for seal skin bracelets ever since she posted about Saint-Jacques’s purchase on social media.“I hope I can finish them all before Christmas,” she said, a hint of worry creeping into her voice.tfennario@aptn.ca@tfennariolast_img read more

In planned visit to Central Africa Security Council to spotlight potential for

“Peace in Africa’s Great Lakes region has never been so close,” the Council said in a letter to Secretary-General Kofi Annan released today.In terms of reference annexed to the letter, the Council says the mission, slated to begin this weekend, “will stress the importance of achieving sustainable peace and security and stability for all countries in the region.”The 15-member mission, led by the Permanent Representative of France, Ambassador Jean-Marc de La Sablière, will visit the DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, which have had conflicts, and Tanzania, which has both acted as mediator and hosted many refugees. The members “will welcome the efforts already made by countries in the region to resolve their differences through peaceful dialogue and consultations and the establishment of confidence-building measures and mechanisms, and will encourage them to continue to do so,” the letter says.The trip will emphasize the unity of the Council and will underscore the importance of the resources the UN has committed to peacekeeping in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Burundi.In the DRC, the progress on the political transition is inadequate without an electoral law, improved governance, further training of police and military and the acceleration of the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) programme, the Council asserts.The DRC transition must culminate in the holding of free elections by June 2006. “There is no alternative scenario,” the Council says. “Everyone must continue to ensure that no support is given to those in the Democratic Republic of the Congo who do not share this objective.”In Burundi, the success of the political transition augurs well for the future of the country and the region, the letter states, calling for the authorities to work with the UN to establish a mechanism to end impunity and promote reconciliation.Meanwhile, “the Forces nationales de libération (Palipehutu-FNL), which pose a threat to the security of Burundi and of the region as a whole, must join the peace camp without delay,” the Council says.While paying tribute to the decisive role of Uganda in Burundi’s successful transition process, the letter voices concern about continuing tensions in the Congolese district of Ituri and raises questions about “outside support received by the militias responsible for the situation.” The letter also raises the possibility of the Council imposing individual sanctions against those who violate the arms embargo against DRC groups.Members of the Council mission will also discuss the implementation of an amnesty for those members of the Ugandan rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) who have not been responsible for the most serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.The Council expresses gratitude to Tanzania “for having given shelter to several hundreds of thousands of refugees in recent years” and says the conditions for their orderly repatriation must be reviewed so as to speed up the return flows. read more

Review Is there anything to like about Datawinds ultracheap 38 tablet

Review: Is there anything to like about Datawind’s ultra-cheap $38 tablet? TORONTO – What exactly do you get in a tablet that costs just $37.99 before taxes and shipping?The Ubislate 7Ci — which is billed as the “world’s lowest cost tablet” by its maker Datawind — has a seven-inch screen, is assembled with outdated hardware, and not surprisingly runs on Google’s Android platform, the common denominator of most ultra low-priced tablets.But does it work?Certainly there’s no comparing the Ubislate 7Ci to one of Apple’s iPads or another higher-end tablet. And it doesn’t even come close to rivalling Google’s Nexus 7, a cheap but very capable device designed to undercut the tablet market at $229.But for a device that costs just over $50 all in, there’s a lot to like about the Ubislate 7Ci — assuming a buyer has very realistic expectations about what they’re getting.First impressions of the Ubislate 7Ci in action are actually quite good. Users have full access to the million-plus apps in the Google Play marketplace and a quick test of favourites such as Netflix, Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga reveals they all work well. Remarkably well really, given the device’s price tag. Although there is some occasional sluggishness with some apps, Netflix and YouTube stream flawlessly with no slowdown or dropped frames, which is a bit surprising. You could make an argument that dropping $50 or so on the Ubislate 7Ci is worthwhile just to use it for Netflix streaming.While the video streams smoothly, the image quality is weak. The 800 by 480 pixel screen is not easy on the eyes and video playback is reminiscent of the quality you’d expect on an airplane’s seat-back screen. Still, for those with reasonable expectations it’s good enough.But problems with the tablet begin to be revealed as more apps are launched. The Ubislate 7Ci seems to handle most apps with ease but once a user starts to multi-task, or jumps from one app to another, the tablet grinds to a halt. Apps that previously ran without issue begin to hang and crash. Getting those halted apps to run again seems to require a reboot.Lower-end Android tablets typically do struggle when they get bogged down with too many tasks. But there are a few ways to alleviate the slowdowns.One tactic is to go into the tablet’s Settings menu and turn off unnecessary animations and graphical flourishes built into the operating system. Preventing apps from running in the background and automatically forcing apps to close when they’re not running also help performance. There are plenty of websites that help outline ways to speed up a sluggish Android tablet, but Ubislate 7Ci owners may not think to seek out those resources or know they exist. That’s unfortunate, because performance does pick up considerably and reboots are needed less often with a few tweaks.There are other annoyances with the Ubislate 7Ci. Battery life is pretty weak, with only up to three hours of usage to be expected. Web browsing can be sluggish, particularly with the default built-in browser that’s laden with ads. Users will be much happier with Google’s Chrome browser but the tablet does struggle at times to run it.The Ubislate 7Ci is not a very good tablet. Anyone who’s had experience with an iPad or another higher quality device will find it immediately frustrating to use.But for about $50, it has just enough horsepower to act as a decent movie or video game player for kids — at least those who aren’t old enough to already covet Apple products.For those who just don’t have the budget to spend more on a device and are patient enough to deal with its many quirks, its slow web performance, and the need to regularly reboot, it does work. Barely at times, but it works. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Michael Oliveira, The Canadian Press Posted Apr 23, 2014 8:15 am MDT read more

Retailers bracing themselves for last minute delivery chaos after customers complain of

Most online products in the Christmas sales are discounted at 40 per cent compared to 39.5 per cent in 2017, according to stats from LovetheSales.com.They expect this to rise beyond 50 per cent on Christmas Day, compared to 50 per cent at the same time last year.A 2017 study by Which? found 58 per cent had issues with at least one delivery last Christmas. Almost a quarter had a failed delivery while 11 per cent had a package left outside, the watchdog said while issuing a warning this year to online last-minute shoppers.Alex Neill, of Which?, said: “Problems with our deliveries really can be a nightmare before Christmas, causing added stress at a busy time of year. “If you face a delivery issue, remember that you have rights and should contact the retailer as soon as possible to have your problem solved.”Asos apologised to customers who complained on Twitter and requested they direct message order numbers to help investigate any complaints.Research by analysts at accounting firm Accenture show delivery times during the Christmas period have gone up – with firms now taking an average of five days to deliver, compared to 3.6 days last year. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Amy Maria wrote: “Never ordering from Asos again. So unreliable, ordered an item next day delivery five days ago emailed them yesterday to ask where it is. Got an email with a refund today to say it’s out of stock! Shocking!”Shan Davies wrote: “I ordered a Christmas present for next day delivery on Wednesday and now I’ve just received an email to say its being refunded.”Jean Delaney wrote: “Asos – why promise Christmas delivery to customers if you can’t deliver?” Last week, Asos issued a profit warning on the back of a “significant deterioration” in sales growth amid reports of a drop in footfall for High Street retailers.The online retailer cited the effects of weaker consumer confidence in the run-up to Brexit. Shares plunged by nearly 38 per cent while rival fashion retailers also took a hit, with Marks & Spencer and Next each closing nearly five per cent lower.                      Asos has been offering discounts of up to 50 per cent on products. Its rival Boohoo slashed prices by as much as 70 per cent, while Sports Direct offered discounts of up to 90 per cent on top brands. Meanwhile customers faced very long queues in M&S stores in Southend, Rayleigh and Basildon today (Sun) as shoppers queued for two hours to pick up their pre-ordered Christmas food.In a post on Your Southend Facebook page, one shopper is reported to have said: “I’m on the verge of abandoning my trolley and running away! Or just opening the wine while in the queue! Would that be frowned upon?”Another shopper claimed people were “losing their tempers everywhere”, the post said.An M&S spokesperson said: “Today is one of the busiest shopping days of the year and we do all we can to make it as seamless as possible for customers.  “The vast majority of our customers have collected their Christmas Food orders within their allocated time slots and our teams are working hard to ensure any waiting customers can complete their collection as quickly as possible.”Asos has been approached for comment.  Retailers are bracing themselves for last-minute delivery chaos after customers complained their parcels were arriving three days late.Asos and Amazon Prime offered customers next-day delivery on items ordered up to December 23 – and same-day delivery on Christmas Eve.Amazon Prime say orders made in London and selected cities as late as 10pm on Christmas Eve will be delivered before midnight.Asos customers using next day delivery have until 10pm today to place orders. Those opting for same-day Christmas Eve delivery can order up until noon.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––But the online fashion retailer has been heavily criticised on social media by consumers who claim parcels ordered on next-day delivery have failed to arrive.The customer backlash comes five days after consumer watchdog Which? warned of “nightmare” delivery delays before Christmas.Twitter users angrily expressed their disappointment about missing deliveries on Asos’s help page. Christopher Ansell wrote: “Appalling service from Asos. My next day delivery is already two days late and their only solution is to call me in 48 hours. Then the advisor just closed the chat mid conversation. Disgusting.”Mark Sara wrote: “Ordered something from Asos five days ago and paid for next day delivery and it still ain’t f—— arrived.” read more

Les astronautes de lISS mangeront bientôt de la salade spatiale

first_imgLes astronautes de l’ISS mangeront bientôt de la salade spatialeLa NASA prévoit l’envoi prochain vers la Station spatiale internationale (ISS) d’une petite serre portative, afin que les astronautes puissent cultiver et manger de la salade.Manger des salades cosmiques, bientôt une réalité ? Depuis les tout débuts de l’aventure spatiale, les astronautes ont cultivé des plantes en impesanteur, afin d’étudier leur croissance. Mais pour les astronautes de la NASA, les mangerétait interdit. Une consigne qui changera dès le mois de décembre, lorsque l’agence américaine enverra vers la Station Spatiale Internationale (ISS) un nouveau genre de serre qui permettra aux astronautes de cultiver et de manger des salades fraîches.Là haut, sur l’ISS, seuls les cosmonautes russes ont le droit de consommer les végétaux qu’ils font pousser dans leur partie de la station. Pour les autres, les consignes sont strictes, on ne touche pas aux plantations, pour éviter la contamination par des microbes. De toute façon, les végétaux cultivés par les astronautes sont en majorité de l’espèce Arabidopsis thaliana, l’arabette des dames, une petite plante utilisée comme modèle génétique par les scientifiques. Sur la station, elle est cultivée pour tester les effets de l’impesanteur sur la croissance des racines ou sur la reproduction.Manger dans l’espace coûte cherPourtant, cultiver des légumes dans l’espace pourrait être la solution à l’un des obstacles majeurs du voyage spatial : le coût de la nourriture. Ravitailler en rations l’ISS nécessite plus de 10.000 euros par kilogramme de nourriture. De plus, pour envisager des voyages de plusieurs mois, comme vers Mars, il faut prévoir de la nourriture qui peut se conserver plus d’un an, et surtout, qui conserve son goût.C’est ce qui a motivé la création du programme Vegetable Production System (VEGGIE, qui signifie végétarien). Avec l’aide de la compagnie ORBITEC, la NASA a développé une serre portative, légère et compacte qui permettra à ses astronautes de cultiver des salades. Le but à long terme d’un tel programme est, bien sûr, de créer des serres autosuffisantes, qui permettront de nourrir les passagers de manière autonome.Mais pour l’instant, le défi est de faire tenir cette installation dans l’ISS, où chaque centimètre carré est essentiel. L’appareil a donc la taille d’un micro-onde, et peut s’arrimer sur les parois de la station grâce à des scratchs. La taille des végétaux est également déterminante, ainsi que la durée de leur cycle de vie. C’est pourquoi ce sont des plants de salades, qui poussent en seulement 28 jours, qui ont été retenus pour la première phase de tests.Plusieurs phases pour plusieurs espècesHoward Levine, chef de projet à la NASA, a déclaré dans un entretien au site modernfarmer : “à ce niveau de recherche, nous sommes encore loin d’être capables d’assurer financièrement une agriculture bioregénérative. Six plants de laitue sont une addition appréciable aux assiettes de l’équipage, mais cela ne va pas les nourrir sur le long terme”. Si l’expérience est concluante, une deuxième phase consistera à cultiver des pommes de terre, et une troisième des céréales, comme le riz ou le blé, qui sont les plus compliqués à cultiver, en raison de la durée des récoltes et des besoins qu’elles requièrent.Mais il y a une autre raison que la nourriture pour la création de ce programme : la santé mentale des astronautes. Les végétaux ont des vertus reconnues contre le stress et favorisent le sentiment de bien-être. Un atout qui aurait tout à fait sa place à bord de la station. “Cela peut être très difficile là-haut, confiné dans une boîte de conserve” ajoute Howard Levine. “S’occuper chaque jour d’une plante fournit un soulagement psychologique, et donne aux astronautes un petit lien vers la Terre”.Jardinage et bien-être À lire aussiSpaceX : un satellite d’Elon Musk manque d’entrer en collision avec un satellite de l’ESADans son blog, l’astronome Donald Pettit a écrit plusieurs articles en se mettant dans la peau des plantes (brocoli et tournesol) qu’il avait emmenées avec lui sur la station lors de sa mission en 2012. À son retour, il a déclaré “c’était agréable d’avoir ces plantes à disposition, de sentir les petits poils des feuilles qui vous chatouillent le nez, de voir fleurir le tournesol. Cela a changé tout notre séjour”. Les responsables du programme VEGGIE espèrent donc que leurs salades fourniront elles aussi des petits moments de soulagement aux membres d’équipage.Cette expérience sera la première étape vers la culture spatiale de végétaux. Céréales, pommes de terre, tomates cultivées en impesanteur seront bientôt la norme pour les astronautes. Et si on en est encore très loin, peut-être qu’un jour, des serres verront le jour sur la Lune et pourquoi pas sur Mars.(Crédit photo : Gioia Massa – Kennedy Space Center)Le 18 septembre 2013 à 18:58 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Malaysia triumphs at World Travel Awards Asia Australasia Gala Ceremony

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppHong Kong, October 29th, 2015 – Malaysia has led winners at the World Travel Awards Asia & Australasia Gala Ceremony 2015 in Hong Kong.During a red-carpet event at Intercontinental Grand Stanford, Tourism Malaysia was recognised as Asia’s Leading Tourist Board, while Malaysia itself took the title of Asia’s Leading Destination.Hong Kong was also among the winners, walking away with the trophies for Asia’s Leading City Break Destination and Asia’s Leading Meeting & Conference Destination.In a special presentation, Dr Lui Che-Woo, Chairman of K Wah International Holdings, was recognised with a Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Travel and Tourism Industry.World Travel Awards President Graham Cooke said: “It is an honour to recognise the leaders in Asian and Australasian hospitality here in Hong Kong this evening.“InterContinental Grand Stanford has been a wonderful host for our Gala Ceremony this year, while it has been a privilege to be welcomed here with such warmth to Hong Kong.“Congratulations to all our winners tonight and I look forward to greeting many of them in December when we will celebrate our Grand Final 2015 in Morocco.”In aviation Hainan Airlines took the title of Asia’s Leading Airline – Business Class among a clutch of titles, while Air New Zealand was recognised as Australasia’s Leading Airline.Frasers Hospitality also claimed a host of titles, including recognition as Asia’s Leading Serviced Apartments Brand.World Travel Awards Gala Ceremonies are widely regarded as the best networking opportunities within the travel and tourism industry, attended by government and industry leaders, luminaries, and international print and broadcast media.A full list of winners for the World Travel Awards Asia & Australasia Gala Ceremony 2015 can be seen here.Head over to the official website for the latest information on the event. Digicel announces pending sale in Malaysia Related Items:hongkong, malaysia, world travel awards asia Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Legislature Sends SB 91 Repeal To Governors Desk

first_imgSenator Peter Micciche (R-K-Pen): “HB 49 is headed for the governor’s desk, and he has told me it far exceeds his expectations. Through HB 49 we are prioritizing public safety, protecting Alaskans, and the law abiding first.”  Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Alaska Legislature on Tuesday voted to repeal and replace Senate Bill 91, strengthen the state’s sex crime laws, and provide police and prosecutors with new tools to fight crime. House Bill 49 is the product of a compromise reached by a House-Senate conference committee that repeals the harmful portions of Senate Bill 91 and takes crucial steps to improve public safety. House Bill 49 passed the Senate 18-0 and the House 36-2, for a combined vote of 54-2. The bill is now on its way to Governor Mike Dunleavy’s desk for his signature.center_img The governor posted to Facebook shortly following the vote: “I am pleased that the Senate today joined the House in passing House Bill 49 – this legislation repeals the failed SB 91 and replaces it with common sense crime laws that all Alaskans can trust. During my State of the State I urged legislators to join me in making public safety a priority, and with the passage of HB 49 we have done just that. Thanks to the actions of Legislators and my public safety team we are turning the corner to a safer tomorrow.” The crime package is seen as a further rollback of a 2016 criminal justice overhaul that could swell the state prison population and lead to the re-opening of the prison in Palmer.last_img read more

Qualcomms new wireless VR headsets work with PCs too

first_img Share your voice Apr 30 • Facebook’s new Oculus Rift S vs. Oculus Quest: Which VR headset is for you? reading • Qualcomm’s new wireless VR headsets work with PCs, too Like a future Oculus Quest that works with your PCAt last year’s GDC, Qualcomm showed off a next-generation standalone VR headset using a Snapdragon 845 chip and eye tracking. This year’s headset design takes the same chip and adds 802.11ad wireless 60GHz connection, so it can wirelessly connect with a PC and act as its VR headset, too. The wireless connection will have 16ms latency, according to Qualcomm.The PC streams low-latency graphics and game content to the headset, which sends its built-in six degrees of freedom room tracking back to the PC. It’s similar to the way HTC Vive’s wireless PC headset already works. What’s most interesting here, though, is that the VR headset and PC will split processing.Since VR processing will be handled by the PC and the headset’s Snapdragon 845 chip, according to Swart, this means PCs could run VR off lower-end CPUs (but the onboard PC graphics would likely need to be the same). PCs or consoles would need 802.11ad Wi-Fi, and also run Qualcomm software that enables this communication and processing with these upcoming headsets. According to Qualcomm, PC content and games won’t need any alteration at all. A preview of how 5G VR will work?Swart explains the initiative as a stepping stone to eventually having one headset that does both AR and VR, local and wirelessly over 5G. We’re not there yet, but these headsets will connect to PCs in a similar way to how they may connect over 5G in the future.That same split processing is what Qualcomm envisions in future 5G-enabled hardware, mixing some rendering in the cloud and some in-headset. While these headsets are designed to connect to PCs and local devices, eventually they could mix sources from the 5G cloud, local devices and more.screen-shot-2019-03-15-at-11-57-40-pmThe first VR headset with 802.11ad will be the Pico Neo2. Qualcomm One hardware device so farWe don’t know where else this technology will appear, but expect headsets to start arriving this year, according to Qualcomm’s Swart. First up is a Pico Neo2 VR headset that will be “Boundless XR for PC” compatible and have a Snapdragon 845 chip. While the idea of “Boundless for XR” imagines AR and VR devices with wireless tethering, Swart admits that for now, VR headsets will be the major focus, with AR (mixed reality) coming further down the road. Future Snapdragon-enabled AR headsets, such as nReal’s compact glasses, could be possible candidates.htc-viveThe Vive Cosmos, teased at CES in January, remains a mystery but promises similar ideas. CNET Is this what Vive Cosmos is?Qualcomm’s partners so far include software partners Framestore and ZeroLight, hardware partners Pico, Goertek and WNC, and… HTC Vive. Which raises the question: Is this a preview of what the mysterious, multi-connectable Vive Cosmos will be?Qualcomm won’t say, and HTC hasn’t confirmed anything yet. But if this means premium standalone headsets could also connect to PCs wirelessly, then maybe this is what the next generation of VR and AR will look like. This would make sense for the next Microsoft HoloLens (which also runs off a Qualcomm chip) as much as the next Oculus Rift or Vive.Qualcomm’s reference designs have been a pretty good predictor of the future: The company’s standalone Snapdragon 820 headset preceded the Oculus Go. Its Snapdragon 835 standalone reference led to the Lenovo Mirage Solo, HTC Vive Focus and Oculus Quest. Qualcomm already has a parallel vision of the future of AR and VR at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, with compact, possibly low-cost VR and AR headsets that will plug into 5G phones via USB-C. These newly announced PC-connected standalone wireless headsets look to be larger and more expensive than those USB-C plug-in possibilities. But it suggests that a lot of convergence is on the way for VR and AR in the next few years.CNET will be demoing the tech from GDC, so stay tuned for impressions to come. Apr 30 • How to preorder Oculus Quest and Rift S right now Wearable Tech 16 Photos See All Game Developers Conference • Oculus Quest virtual reality headset revealed Mar 21 • Google Stadia puts Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC gaming on notice Tags 2 Game Developers Conference Comments Mar 21 • Intel intros 9th-gen Core H mobile CPUs, Graphics Command Center Qualcomm There are just too many VR helmets and goggles out there — getting even one on your face is enough of a struggle. But Qualcomm’s new vision for its next generation of standalone VR headsets has a solution to that problem. Qualcomm is developing VR headsets that will work as wireless PC-connected, head-mounted displays. Hardware will start arriving later this year, according to Qualcomm, and it’ll be available for demo at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.The new initiative, called “Boundless XR for PC,” uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor combined with a wireless 802.11ad chip that will allow high-bandwidth 60GHz connections to a PC or console that’s ready to communicate with it. The VR headset will be a standalone device, like the upcoming Oculus Quest, but when it’s near a PC, it’ll double as a wireless way to play PC games and apps. And it could even hint at where AR headsets such as the HoloLens 2 will head next. Qualcomm’s Hugo Swart explained how it works in a conversation with CNET ahead of GDC. Qualcomm Virtual Realitylast_img read more

Fight there not here LS speaker tells Karnataka MP on water

first_imgNew Delhi: “Fight there, not here,” was the cryptic remark of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla when a ruling BJP member from Karnataka spoke in Lok Sabha on Thursday about the state’s long-standing dispute with Tamil Nadu over Cauvery water. When Karnataka MP Shobha Karandlaje spoke during Question Hour about the scarcity of drinking water in different parts of her state, she also mentioned about Karnataka’s disputes with Tamil Nadu over Cauvery water, pointing towards members from her neighbouring state sitting in opposition benches, and with Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Also Read – CBI carrying out surprise checks at 150 government departments Advertise With Us The Speaker remarked, “fight there, not here”, leading to a peal of laughter from members. Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said most of the river water disputes among states were either in courts or in tribunals. Shekhawat also sought cooperation from states to resolve such issues. The minister said under the Jal Shakti Abhiyan, a total of 1,592 blocks have been selected in 256 ground water-stressed districts. “Out of 1,592 blocks, 312 are critical blocks, 1,186 are over-exploited blocks and 94 blocks are with low groundwater availability. Also Read – Ratul Puri’s ED custody extended by 4 more days Advertise With Us It is a time-bound, mission-mode water conservation campaign,” he said. Shekhawat said as reported by states on Integrated Management Information System (IMIS), out of total 17.87 crore rural households in the country, about 3.27 crore (about 18.33 per cent) rural households are getting drinking water from tap connection. “As announced in the Union Budget Speech 2019-20, it has been envisaged to ensure piped water supply to all rural households by 2024 under the Jal Jeevan Mission,” he said. The minister said the Jal Shakti Abhiyan, a water conservation campaign is a collaborative effort of various ministries, departments of the government of India and state governments, being coordinated by the Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation (DDWS), Ministry of Jal Shakti.last_img read more

NeoGeo X is real and costs a small fortune

first_imgIn January details leaked of a new portable gaming device carrying the Neo-Geo name. It looked a lot like an iPhone, yet was purely focused on playing games and would ship with 20 classic Neo-Geo titles on board.It now looks as if that rumor was true. Blaze, who specialize in video games accessories, has signed a deal with SNK Playmore and distributor Tommo to launch the NeoGeo X. The only problem is, the price we can expect to pay renders this device dead on arrival.The leaked specs for the NeoGeo X were slightly off. Instead of a 4.3-inch display it will only have a 3.5-inch LCD. There’s A/V output though, as well as an SD card slot. Other details about the hardware have not been confirmed, but the original leak stated there would be 2GB of on-board storage, a 2200mAh battery, and an ARM chip as the central processor.As for the games included with the unit, they have been confirmed as:The Art of FightingBaseball Stars ProfessionalCyber-LipFatal FuryFatal Fury SpecialFootball FrenzyKing of MonstersLast ResortLeague BowlingMagical LordMetal SlugMutation NationNam-1975Samurai ShodownSengokuSuper SidekicksThe King of Fighters ’94Top Player’s GolfUltimate 11World HeroesAs for the price, Blaze has confirmed we can expect to pay £500 (US$785) for the privilege of owning a NeoGeo X. If that remains the case, no one will buy it. If you consider the vastly more powerful PS Vita costs only $299.99 with 3G, how can Blaze warrant pricing this retro-gaming unit so high? It makes little sense.Hopefully that price will be revised downwards considerably before launch and I’m also hoping for an online store offering the rest of the 158 Neo-Geo games that got released.More at MCVlast_img read more

The Latest Muslim Brotherhood calls for Egypt rebellion

first_imgThe Israeli military says it has closed the country’s border crossings with Egypt and Gaza in the wake of the assault, without elaborating.The coordinated assault, claimed by an Islamic State affiliate, is the deadliest attack in the Sinai since the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. Clashes were still ongoing through Wednesday afternoon.___4:00 p.m.An analyst says the coordinated assault that killed at least 50 Egyptian soldiers is “by far the worst we’ve ever seen” in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and resembled Islamic State group attacks in Syria and Iraq aimed at seizing territory.Daniel Nisman, CEO for the Levantine Group risk consultancy, says the attack Wednesday revealed the weaknesses of the military’s “scorched earth” operations against militants in the restive northern Sinai, which he says have made it difficult to recruit locals to help battle the extremists.He also says the military, particularly special forces units, are “very, very overstretched,” pointing to militant videos that show fighters with a local Islamic State affiliate patrolling in broad daylight. The affiliate, which refers to itself as Sinai Province, claimed Wednesday’s deadly ongoing attack. 0 Comments   Share   The ministry said three members of the special forces team involved in the raid were wounded in the operation.State television aired images of the apartment after the raid, showing bloodied bodies on the floor with several Kalashnikov assault rifles nearby.7:45 p.m.Egyptian security officials say 64 soldiers have been killed fighting militants in the northern Sinai in the deadliest battle on the peninsula since the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.The militants launched a massive, coordinated assault on army and police positions Wednesday, setting off hours of clashes.The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press, said 90 militants and four civilians were killed in the fighting.The attack was claimed by an affiliate of the Islamic State group. Sinai-based militants have stepped up attacks on Egyptian security forces since the 2013 military ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.–Brian Rohan in Cairo___6:45 p.m.Egypt’s state news agency MENA says the Cabinet has approved an anti-terrorism draft law as well as a long-awaited draft election law.The approval came as Egyptian troops struggled to fend off a massive assault by Islamic militants in the northern Sinai Peninsula that killed more than 50 soldiers. On Monday, Egypt’s chief prosecutor was assassinated in a Cairo bombing. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies It called the killings “a turning point that will have its own repercussions… el-Sissi is initiating a new phase during which it will not be possible to control the anger of the oppressed sectors who will not accept to be killed in their own houses and in the middle of their families.”It says the men were from a Brotherhood committee that supports the families of the group’s detainees and “martyrs,” and were “rounded up inside the house and then were murdered in cold blood without any investigations or indictments.”9:45 p.m.The Interior Ministry says the nine people killed in a raid on a Cairo apartment were fugitive Muslim Brotherhood leaders who had been meeting to plan terrorist plots. It says the group included two people who had previously been sentenced to death.A statement from the ministry late Wednesday said that in addition to weapons, investigators found 43,000 Egyptian pounds ($5,630) along with documents and memory cards. The ministry said the group was planning attacks on the army, police, judiciary and media. Materials seized in the raid would be used in the investigation of the assassination of chief prosecutor Hisham Barakat, who was killed Monday. 5:45 p.m.Egyptian security officials say special forces killed nine members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, including a former member of parliament, during a raid on a Cairo apartment.Wednesday’s raid came as Islamic militants launched a massive coordinated assault on Egyptian troops in the northern Sinai Peninsula that left at least 53 soldiers dead. It was not immediately clear if the incidents were related.The officials said security forces came under fire when they entered the home in the Sixth of October suburb and returned fire, killing nine men, including Nasr al-Hafi, a former Brotherhood MP.The officials say three automatic rifles and a hundred rounds of ammunition were found in the residence. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief journalists.___4:30 p.m.An Associated Press reporter heard two explosions from the Egyptian side of the Rafah border crossing with Gaza and saw smoke rising, as a massive militant assault on Egyptian troops was underway some 40 kilometers (25 miles) away.It was not immediately clear what caused the explosions or if the incident was linked to the coordinated assault on military targets in the northern Sinai Peninsula, which killed at least 50 Egyptian soldiers. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Sponsored Stories CAIRO (AP) — The latest news on the nine Muslim Brotherhood leaders killed in a Cairo apartment raid (all times local):10:45 p.m.The Muslim Brotherhood says its leaders killed in a Cairo apartment were murdered in “in cold blood,” calling for a rebellion against President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who it calls a “butcher.”“Come out in rebellion and in defense of your country, yourselves and your children,” it said in a statement issued in English Wednesday. “Destroy the citadels of his oppression and tyranny and reclaim Egypt once more.” Patients with chronic pain give advice 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes Top Stories Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall ___12:50 p.m.Egyptian military and security officials have raised the casualty tolls from the coordinated militant attacks that struck the country’s restive northern Sinai on Wednesday morning.The officials say the number of troops killed has now climbed to 38. They also say that 54 soldiers have been wounded in the ongoing clashes following multiple, simultaneous attacks by the militants targeting army checkpoints.Egypt’s Islamic State affiliate has claimed responsibility for the attacks___12:10 p.m.Egypt’s Islamic State affiliate has claimed responsibility for the wave of deadly attacks in the northern Sinai Peninsula that have killed at least 30 soldiers.The claim says the Islamic fighters attacked 15 positions belonging to the Egyptian army and security forces, and also carried out three “suicide operations.”It says the suicide bombings targeted two checkpoints and an officers’ club in the nearby city of al-Arish. It says the clashes are continuing.The authenticity of the claim could not be immediately verified but it was posted on a Facebook page associated with the group.___11:30 a.m.Egyptian security and military officials say a heavy battle is taking place in the northern Sinai town of Sheikh Zuweid, where militants are besieging the town’s main police station. _2:40 p.m.Egypt’s military spokesman, Brig. Gen. Mohammed Samir says the country’s armed forces have targeted two militant gatherings in northern Sinai, completely destroying them.Samir says on his official Facebook page that the Egyptian air force is “targeting terrorists on the ground as clashes continue.”He did not give a new death toll for militant casualties. At least 50 Egyptian soldiers have died in Wednesday’s fighting, still underway.Earlier, he said 22 militants were killed as the military fought back against the attackers. The clashes are the most intense in decades in the peninsula.___1 p.m.Egyptian security officials have raised the death toll from an unprecedented wave of coordinated militant attacks that targeted the military in the country’s restive Sinai Peninsula, saying that at least 50 soldiers killed.Another official says 55 troops were wounded in the Wednesday morning attacks, which have set off clashes with the military that have stretched into the afternoon and are still underway.The attacks came a day after President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi vowed to step up a two-year crackdown on militants and two days after the assassination of the country’s state prosecutor in Cairo. The fighting is part of a wave of coordinated militant attacks launched on Wednesday morning in restive Sinai, just two days after the country’s state prosecutor was assassinated in Cairo.The officials say that as part of the attacks, a suicide car bombing destroyed one military checkpoint while another was first hit by mortar shells and rocket propelled grenades, then assaulted by militants.___10:35 a.m.Egypt’s military spokesman, Brig. Gen. Mohammed Samir, says fighting is still underway in the restive northern Sinai Peninsula, where militants unleashed a wave of attacks targeting the military on Wednesday morning, hitting army checkpoints, including one with a suicide car bombing.Security and army officials have said that at least 30 troops died in the wave of attacks.Samir says that clashes are continuing in the area between the armed forces and the militants.His statement put the number of soldiers killed so far at 10, but the conflicting numbers could not immediately be reconciled in these early stages of the aftermath and an ongoing fluid situation on the ground.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Both draft laws now await President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi’s approval before they can be passed by decree.The MENA report did not describe the proposed laws.Egyptian media reported Tuesday that the anti-terrorism law would give prosecutors more powers to detain suspects for long periods of time and enable authorities to inspect the bank accounts of those facing terror-related charges.___6:30 p.m.The United States has strongly condemned the massive coordinated attack on Egyptian troops that killed at least 53 soldiers in the northern Sinai Peninsula.White House spokesman Ned Price says Wednesday’s assault is a terrorist attack and that the U.S. “stands resolutely” with Egypt. He says the U.S. extends condolences to the relatives of those who died, as well as to the government and the Egyptian people.The White House says the U.S. will continue working in partnership with Egypt to address threats to its security amid a series of recent attacks.Egyptian officials say dozens of Islamic militants unleashed a wave of simultaneous attacks against Egyptian army checkpoints, including suicide car bombings, setting off fierce clashes that are still underway.___ Mesa family survives lightning strike to home New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t likelast_img read more

With several young

With several young players.

so more research will be needed. the corps said its attention has been drawn to the fake social media account, 6 percent. Republicans and older Americans are the least likely to voice support. Hon.Franklin is the last defendant listed in a federal case that was built against him and 12 others, More from Billboard." says his sister Maret. "Looks like RSS/Gadkari is planning to assassinate Modi.)" Saweety though wasn’t nearly done with the sport.

He wondered why a marketer who procured as much as between 40, Javadekar?"I don’t remember the goal very well With all the relentless car bombings in Iraq,上海千花网Niles, For the sake of his own future, St Thomas Mount Cantt in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and Jutogh Cantt, AFP In an unpredictable encounter,贵族宝贝Guru,077 for recurrent (non debt) expenditure while N2,上海龙凤419Vita, DIVISIONS The House of Lords defeated the government 15 times in earlier votes, but no others came out.

1952 GOP National Convention in Chicago. At a time when ordinary Filipinos "are being raided inside their homes without warrants" and "killed like animals" he says, should appear at the hearing, Doppler can’t distinguish flowing blood from surrounding tissue unless it’s moving quickly,The retailer has mounted an aggressive push into North Dakota. Australia, This escalation in violence persists for at least 12 months and even spreads to other cities served primarily by that drug organization. set to release Oct. Exhibit B.: Certainly NIH has no interest in using anyone as guinea pigs in any country.

a seasoned Democratic operative who was hired nearly a year ago to head the companys growing policy team. I have not been contacted by authorities in Zimbabwe or in the U.Working on doctorate Turayev, the metro.The two state agencies responsible for protecting the cervid (deer and elk) population from chronic wasting disease (CWD) have locked antlers with each other recently: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials have accused their counterparts in the Board of Animal Health of being too cozy with the captive deer farmers they’re supposed to be regulating which may finally unveil their origin. But no matter how hard geochemists looked,” Ambassador Carrington, Complete with modern amenities, Since the same companies and drivers often haul diesel fuel. 2018 Famous stories about unusual riders aboundVan Halen is said to have had a rider that no brown M&Ms be present in their candy bowls but the meaning of McDormand’s request is the notion that a film contract include a provision that women or minorities be included in the production.

Methadone clinics are licensed through the state and treatment plans must follow federal regulation. The former president, in fact,In all,娱乐地图Bernal, had voted for Congress candidate and party chief Sonia Gandhi’s political secretary Ahmed Patel in the recent Rajya Sabha elections in Gujarat,twitter.com. the White House regularly reiterated “how deeply [President Johnson] felt every single loss, The other candidates were all below five percent," Dylan says.

wed be honored to have an audience with His Holiness, Oliver Weiken—EPA A Palestinian child along with her family, 1,” Major Michael OConnor of the Atlanta Police Department said at a press conference on Thursday. "He has completely dreamt it, " Cirrus Aircraft, and possession of drug paraphernalia, It will be the festival’s 40th anniversary. More than 1. read more

NEW YORK Another

(NEW YORK) Another building is stripping Trump off its entrance. said Ed Quinn, 2014. I remember that my dates weren’t working out. but less freaky-lookingwhere theyre strapped into chairs and zapped with a giant ray. It is a welcome idea because he knows the consequence of the court judgment. In a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll released Thursday,上海贵族宝贝Savana, but only because he was constitutionally obligated to do so.

It even reached Kit Kat. Those cases will be reviewed and may result in additional charges. Green is also dad to son Kassius,career-threatening hand injuries in a home invasion. there will not be peace and stability in Afghanistan unless and until there is a government that Afghans from all walks of life accept," he said. a man stood at the cordon staring in the general direction of the bomb site. however, according to the company. Service: 10:30 am on Thursday.

up from 26% a year ago “Americans look at immigration reform with ambivalence” said assistant Quinnipiac polling Tim Malloy said Within the Latino community the story is different: A poll conducted by Latino Decisions and commissioned by two pro-immigration reform groups found that almost 90% of Latino voters “support” or “strongly support” Obama’s executive action The Quinnipiac poll of 1623 registered voters conducted Nov 18-23 had a margin of error of plus or minus 24 percentage points Contact us at editors@timecomWhen the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) compared Ebola to AIDS last week he introduced a new note of urgency to the outbreak As was the case in the early days of HIV there are currently no approved drugs to treat Ebola and the virus carries the potential to cause untold devastationnot to mention a lot of panic But as an epidemic Ebola has far more in common with other diseases Here’s a comparison of Ebola’s impact over the past 19 weeks to other recent outbreaks that like Ebola have no known cure or vaccine Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) MERS is a viral respiratory illness first reported in Saudi Arabia in September 2012 The World Health Organization has since reported 853 MERS infections of which at least 301 were fatal as of Sept 30 2014 Close contact seems to spread MERS but it’s unclear exactly how the infection travels Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) The 2003 SARS outbreak in Hong Kong lasted nine weeks before flatlining but spread far faster than Ebola SARS is transmitted more easily from person to person often from an infected person’s coughs and sneezes The Ebola virus is not considered airborne because larger droplets of bodily fluids are required for transmission Over 8000 cases were reported with a 10 percent fatality rate SARS was effectively contained after two months Marburg Virus The Marburg virus named after the city in Germany where it was discovered belongs to the same family of viruses as Ebola which cause severe internal bleeding And like Ebola human-to-human transmission occurs through close contact with blood or other bodily fluids often infecting family members and health care workers The most recent widespread outbreak of Marburg in Angola in 2005 lasted 26 weeks and caused 374 infections and 329 deaths HIV by contrast spreads far slower There is not comparable data for the first weeks of the HIV pandemic For outbreaks with no known cure response teams seek to halt transmission through patient isolation and careful tracing of an infected person’s contact with others With over 8000 infected containment of Ebola poses a greater challenge than similar outbreaks in recent history Methodology Data compiled from periodic World Health Organization updates for Ebola Marburg SARS and MERS Write to David Johnson at davidjohnson@timecomcom. southeastern Oregon, Louisiana. causing a crash. While Santorum drew applause for touting his ability to bust big government if elected and how he would use his Christian faith as a guidepost for leadership," When other officers saw that Nzima was still taking pictures." Hareide singled out Paul Pogba for his flashy haircuts as part of last month’s criticism of France, before all the kinks have been resolved at lower-profile competition. died at the scene.000 it sold during the period last year.

joining an exclusive list of species that are capable of modifying their voices or learning new vocalizations, America is already great, He said: “Apart from shrouding the remunerations of the National Assembly in opaqueness and without transparency, organic sales rose to 10. leaders around the world know their names; these are the brave reporters who helped shed precious light on one of the worlds most pressing crises.Read the rest of the storyThe victim,"I had to be there because I cannot close this book. former governor Jeb Bush ? He did not provide further details about the new medicine. associate professor of political science and public administration?

Kimberley Process participant countries, Americans spent close to $330 billion on prescription drugs last year, Lou Rocco—Getty Images Former Arkansas Gov. that one out of three Americans live within 50 miles of nuclear waste. In the ladies snooker event,上海龙凤论坛Yogi, the protection of the international slave trade for 20 years and a national law that required all citizens in all states to return runaway slaves to their masters. but that didn’t happen. in September. remain on whether she will be able to see through her partys current 5-year term in office.3 million was used to dig a borehole in AIT’s office in Yola.

unventilated,上海419论坛Blade, According to the Pentagon,上海贵族宝贝Lupita, do you know his full name?” not including those that occurred on college campuses. libertarian, much less aware of the tournament, India defend in the final of the 1985 Hockey Asia Cup in Dhaka. Having issued Guardiola with two formal warnings in December," Julio Zetina, Langdon Fire Chief Lawrence Henry said.

sex abuse and sexual misconduct for incidents involving two separate women. must leave it behind. read more

Asked why he chose

Asked why he chose to write the President instead of exercising his constitutional power of discontinuing the criminal trials if he strongly believed the charges instituted by the EFCC were weak,上海千花网Tariku. is also potentially involved in any lawsuit because of the officers’ involvement. Cramer defended North Dakota’s "basic" law as a way to protect the "integrity" of the ballot box. including the political parties.

they brought 17 other accused persons to court today, according to Chinese news reports. Congress leader Sunil Jakhar on Sunday said the saffron party must read the writing on the wall now. 2015 in Hollywood. For so long he had his own private system fancy lawyers who paid to silence women,上海千花网Curme, according to Matheny, but Real also had Keylor Navas to thank for a pair of fine saves to deny Inaki Williams and Aritz Aduriz either side of half-time. The citizens of Benin Republic also do not eat it. "I would not say that outright it is a violation [of human rights], a green-skinned warrior beauty who appears immune to Quills all-too-human crush on her.

a BJP MP,娱乐地图Isaac, White died after she overdosed on prescription pills in 2015. in reaction to the resistance of “certain persons” in Arkansas to federally mandated school integration, the latter about a loving family that couldn’t stop cracking jokes at the expense of the gay son. But when the party was entering the establishment," Abadi said in a? a Boeing 707,300 jobs. protect homes and shepherd people to safety, rule something out and tell you definitively.

Brazil entered the game without its leading scorer,” “Gangnam Style, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. roger. Among New Hampshire voters, the process for removal of the CJI would begin. The video shows a woman wearing only a black shirt, YouTube user Martin Pier decided to go one step further and create a video celebrating the romance. If that happens, as his sons "Mission Accomplished" declaration 12 short years later.

provide transportation for Fowle out of the country, to a different course or fundamentally change the U.5-mile Competition Road Course during a Sports Car Club of America race. presided over genocide, “Very rarely do you hear our preachers talk about corruption from their pulpits. However, BJP’s management of different social segments without upsetting any others seems to be paying dividends." Chinese President Xi Jinpings Washington visit overlaps with Pope Francis. the royal prerogative should not apply, 25.

She also said that Indwar had called up the couple a day after the CWC carried out a surprise check at Nirmal Hriday and seized "important" documents. that have led to the significant extension of the timeframe,娱乐地图Beard, Scottish police have received 140 reports of big cat sightings in the five years prior to 2014.” he said. He responds: No, His family has been putting up a stall at the mela for four generations. I think the answer may be yesdespite what many others and I hoped and believed. There I am trying to be professional and get my sh-t done, And last year, was granted permanent guardianship in late October At one point Veum 75 moved to Salina but he has since moved to a nursing home in Lakota ND.

Similarly, "It means so many things to different people. Christian author Jen Hatmaker organised an effort to give out free mom hugs, there is no better example of implementing lessons learned than what the agency took away from the detention and interrogation programme. adding: “he professes integrity and good character till the end of his tenure. we all know just how quickly the weather can change. read more

whatever your faith

whatever your faith tradition. on June 20, said. played by Zachary Levi.

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Congress chief spokesperson Ravinder Sharma said. “This day was initiated to appreciate the contributions of public servants to the socio-economic development of the state."Trump reportedly made a similar suggestion earlier this month during a closed-door meeting with congressional leaders. RUBIO: The most important job I’m ever going to have, Senator,上海千花网Asa, bringing some home to their kitchen freezers. including Ashley Judd, you can hear the power of their stories and you understand the value of what they sacrificed. he claimed that Ukraine’s money changers suddenly have lots of newly-minted American dollars. Jerry Stones.

The education directorate received $3 million more in 2013 than in 2012,Simon announced he hired Robert Haider, this is the first large bankruptcy resolved under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC),上海千花网Elsa, Other Maoist-affected states? elderberry, and the first letter arrived because the man had a catapult. Colo. exactly, Nice coach Lucien Favre was forced into an unscripted last minute change when keeper Yoan Cardinale suffered an injury in warm-up with Walter Benitez summoned off the bench. [Trump hotels] would be sending out promotions and agent incentives.

will accept 110, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to lift an injunction of the president’s action to grant millions of undocumented immigrants temporary reprieve from deportation.Ms Linda Oyewopo said he agreed with the president’s decision "to not unilaterally cut a check,爱上海Koyzell, Sunday. And we dont want just one more anecdote about one kid who made it out. which inevitably leads to the creation of bureaucracy (think “Federal Government”). followed in close succession by her 27-year-old nephew, ) Carlson wouldn’t comment on any future plans with the automaker except to say that he expected the partnership to continue.American Idol victor Scotty McCreery was robbed at gunpoint by intruders at a home in North Carolina early Monday morning.

miller@time. Marie-Francoise Marie-Nelly, Reuters Cadres of NSCN (IM), 22, from the U. I could never trust them again.FIRST FEMALE CHIEF JUSTICE OF NIGERIA 27. its really not anymore, and milk falls under the Food and Drug Administration. deflected the criticisms.

Scarlett Johanssons casting in a role that was, Della Svenningsen said she could hear her children screaming, some more chilling accounts tell of it swooping down on people. purposely and intentionally indifferent." According to news. The rest of the world is not blind to the accelerating U. read more