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His voice trailed off Alvarez called her husband Shed tried to fill up at nine separate gas stations that night and was driving home with only a quarter-tank "Were nervous" she said Less than a mile away roughly 2000 people had spent the day lined up at Shell Lumber and Hardware for plywood with which to cover their windows and doors At one point the line stretched nearly all the way down the block according to Danny Blanco 27 who was directing traffic The average wait for plywood was six hours on Thursday he added "Weve never seen anything like this" Blanco said "Were moving as fast as we can probably selling 10000 sheets of plywood a day but its not enough" The company received rushed shipments of plywood from Orlando earlier that week but already it was almost depleted The store was out of water containers gas cans and generators too Late Thursday night Ricardo Rico a local handyman and contractor who remembers the scale of destruction after Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in 1992 delivered four sheets of plywood to a young womans home in central Miami It was his twelfth delivery of the day and he still had seven more to do "Its a badass hurricane" he said of Irma "Believe me people have no idea People here dont remember [Andrew] so they dont know Its going to be bigger and its going to be bad its going to be" He threw his arms out to the side to mimic a neighborhood flattened Miami Rico said is built on limestone so the devastation will be different than it was in Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey He looked up at a stand of oaks lining the block "Their roots cant go down so they go out" he said "These will all fall" Leonardo and Anays Arrocha who had waited in line for plywood for three hours on Thursday said they were grateful to have a plan They would go back to their modest apartment board up the windows and hunker down for as long as it took "Im a little nervous" said Anays But Leonardo shook his head "We are ok We are Cuban" he said "So we have already lived a lot" Contact us at [email protected] weakened virus in polio vaccine drops can on rare occasions regain virulence sparking outbreaks World Health Organization Alarming polio outbreak spreads in Congo threatening global eradication efforts By Leslie RobertsJul 2 2018 1:30 PM Overshadowed by the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) another frightening virus is on the loose in that vast chaotic country: polio Public health experts have worked for months to stamp out the virus but it keeps spreading It has already paralyzed 29 children and on 21 June a case was reported on the border with Uganda far outside the known outbreak zone heightening fears that the virus will sweep across Africa The DRC is “absolutely” the most worrisome polio outbreak today says Michel Zaffran who heads the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva Switzerland The outbreak also underscores the latest complication on the bumpy road toward polio eradication It is caused not by the wild virus hanging on by a thread in Afghanistan Pakistan and perhaps Nigeria but by a rare mutant derived from the weakened live virus in the oral polio vaccine (OPV) which has regained its neurovirulence and the ability to spread As OPV campaigns have driven the wild virus to near-extinction these circulating vaccine-derived polioviruses (cVDPVs) have emerged as the greatest threat to polio eradication If the outbreaks are not stopped quickly polio scientists warn they could spiral out of control setting eradication efforts back years “There is an urgency” to stopping these vaccine-derived outbreaks says epidemiologist Nicholas Grassly of Imperial College London “It is so much more important than controlling the wild virus” Safe and effective OPV has long been the workhorse of the eradication effort But a feature that makes the vaccine so powerful can also be a serious downside For a short time after vaccination the weakened live virus can spread from person to person boosting immunity even in those who didn’t receive the polio drops But in rare instances in poor countries such as the DRC where many children have not been vaccinated the virus can continue circulating for years accumulating mutations until it reverts to its dangerous form The vast majority of cVDPVs are caused by serotype 2 one of three variants of the virus Almost as soon as cVDPVs were discovered in 2000 the World Health Assembly in Geneva declared that all use of OPV must stop when the wild virus was gone In 2016 with the threat of cVDPVs looming larger—they now cause more cases of paralysis than the wild virus—GPEI decided waiting was no longer an option By then poliovirus type 2 had been eradicated in the wild which meant that every type 2 virus originated from the vaccine itself In April of that year the 155 countries still using the trivalent vaccine which targets all three polio variants replaced it with a bivalent vaccine with the type 2 component removed No one knew exactly how this experiment would play out It was clear however that for a few years some type 2 outbreaks would still occur—either those that had started before “the switch” as it is called but had not been detected or those caused by the last use of trivalent OPV In a virological catch 22 the only way to stop type 2 outbreaks is with a version of the same vaccine that gave rise to them in the first place—somehow without seeding another one The virus in the inactivated polio vaccine cannot revert but it simply does not pack enough punch to stop an outbreak A virus on the march In the past year multiple vaccine-derived polioviruses have paralyzed children across the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) (Map) A Cuadra/Science; (DATA) World Health Organization To fight these outbreaks GPEI created a closely guarded stockpile of a new monovalent OPV type 2 (mOPV2) which can only be released with the approval of the director-general of WHO If mOPV2 is used judiciously and sparingly it can stop an outbreak without starting a future one Zaffran says Speed is essential because population immunity to the type 2 virus is waning now that it has been removed from the vaccine setting the stage for an explosive outbreak The type 2 vaccine has been released to fight outbreaks in 10 countries and so far the strategy seems to be working although a type 2 outbreak in Syria paralyzed 74 children before coming under control last year The outlier is the DRC The outbreak was first detected in June 2017 in Maniema province in the middle of the country Within days another case was reported about 900 kilometers away in Haut-Lomami province in the southeast Genetic analysis revealed it wasn’t the same strain as in Maniema but a type 2 cVDPV that had emerged independently Even worse the sequences indicated both had been circulating undetected for at least 2 years The country and its international partners targeted mOPV2 campaigns to eight health districts deemed at highest risk—the minimum experts thought to get the maximum effect But vaccination campaigns in the DRC with its remote villages crumbling infrastructure and weak health system are tough They failed to reach enough children The Haut-Lomami virus broke through spreading south to Tanganyika and then Haut-Katanga Then in the first week of June officials confirmed another case on the other side of the country not far from the Ebola outbreak where health workers are already stretched thin This strain too emerged independently an indication of just how weak surveillance is in the country More alarming still about 2 weeks later a polio case was reported in the northeast close to the Uganda border The Haut-Lomami virus had made the big jump northward to an area where no mOPV2 campaigns were underway “This really increases the risk of international spread” says Oliver Rosenbauer spokesperson for polio eradication at WHO And insecurity in parts of the province “makes everything more dangerous and more complicated” In the worst case—if type 2 explodes across Africa or if case numbers shoot up exponentially—the only option would be to reintroduce OPV2 into routine immunization says Mark Pallansch a molecular virologist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta The switch will have failed turning back the eradication clock years and ratcheting up costs which now run about $1 billion a year to the dismay of tapped-out funders But that scenario is years away Zaffran says Pallansch agrees “At present I truly believe [type 2] cVDPVs can be managed The only question is for how much longer” he says“I have yet to see anything that makes me think eradication is not possible But the endgame is proving to be much more complicated than eradicating the wild virus” Updated On the weekend starting October 15 thousands of registered dietitians and nutrition experts will gather in Boston for one of the largest annual food and nutrition conferences in the US The event called the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) is hosted by the Academy of Nutrition and Dieteticsthe world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals with more than 100000 nutrition practitioners However not everyone appreciates the attendee list Every year companies that sell junk food attend the event and as of Friday the Expos floorplan shows companies like PepsiCo and Nestle (which makes candy like KitKat and Butterfinger) will have booths near the main entrance Other trade organizations like the American Beverage Association the National Confectioners Association and the Sugar Association will also be on the expo floor "[These] corporations are simply not aligned with nutrition or public health" says registered dietitian Andy Bellatti strategic director of the group Dietitians For Professional Integrity "In my opinion this makes them completely inappropriate for a nutrition conference" PepsiCo said that they would be featuring foods from their portfolio that contain “positive nutrients” according to a statement sent to TIME These foodsincluding Naked Juices Tropicana Essential Probiotic Juice Sabra Hummus Quaker Oats Sun Chips and morerepresent 25% of the company’s global net revenue Last year Coca-Cola ended its sponsorship of the Academy after the New York Times revealed that the soda company funded an organization called the Global Energy Balance Network that shifted public health messaging away from diet and onto exercise for obesity prevention After the revelation Coca-Cola disclosed that it had provided $1186 million in funding for scientific research and health and fitness programs in the US since 2010 the Wall Street Journal reported "The food industry presence at FNCE is much less than it has been in previous years in part because of turmoil within the organization about those linkages" says Marion Nestle a professor in the Department of Nutrition Food Studies and Public Health at NYU in an email exchange with TIME "But the organization has long had close financial ties to food companies often to its great embarrassment The sponsoring food companies get publicity dietitians pushing their products and most of all silence on whether the products really are good for health" TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news plus: burning questions and expert tips View Sample Sign Up Now Dietitians For Professional Integrity was founded in February 2013 after a public health lawyer named Michele Simon released a report showing the financial ties between the Academy and the food industry "It seems not much has changed since my report" said Simon after TIME sent her the Expo floor plan This week Dietitians For Professional Integrity released a guide for nutrition experts attending the expo who want to avoid events and booths with conflicts of interest The guide highlights speakers who have financial food industry ties that are directly linked to the subject they are talking about at the conference Financial relationships between the food industry and public health groups are common On Monday a report published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine revealed that soda companies Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have funded 96 major public health groups in the United States including the Academy and other groups like the National Institutes of Health and the American Diabetes Association The American Beverage Association responded on behalf of the two companies writing in a statement that "Americas beverage companies are engaged in public health issues because we too want a strong healthy America We have a long tradition of supporting community organizations across the country" The Academy has become more transparent with its corporate sponsorships and hosts materials about its policies on its website In a fact sheet about its corporate sponsorship it writes: "Corporate sponsorship enables the Academyas it does for nonprofit organizations and associations nationwideto build awareness of the Academy and our members; to share science-based information and new research with members; and to enable the Academy to reach a wider consumer audience with our messages than would otherwise be possible" TIME reached out to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics requesting a comment on why companies that produce or support candy and soda are welcome at the Expo Citing time constraints the group declined to comment by publication Bellatti says he often hears the justification that dietitians should work together with the industry to create change "Our viewpoint is that sitting at the table makes sense with another party that has similar goals" he says "As we look at it health organizations main goal is to improve the health of Americans These companies main goal is to sell as much product as possible" Those two aims can come into conflict The recent American Journal of Preventive Medicine report also found that during the same four-year period in which almost 100 health groups accepted soda company funding Coca-Cola and PepsiCo publicly opposed 28 bills that targeted soda consumption as a way to improve nutrition Twelve of the bills were for soda taxes “Selling soda and chips and sugary snacks does not alignits a very different goal” says Bellatti “Companies like these have more money and more political power When you sit at the table with these companies the power dynamic is skewed which puts health organizations in a precarious situation" Contact us at [email protected] of Thrones is one of the most expensive shows ever made on TV And as the seasons go onand those CGI baby dragons grow into fire-breathing army-smiting petsthe price tag for each episode just keeps going up For season six HBO forked over an average of $10 million per episode according to a recent story in Entertainment Weekly (That’s up from a reported $6 million a few years ago) There will be 10 episodes of the fantasy show this season which means HBO spent $100 million on this year’s show MORE: We Analyzed Every Second of the New Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer A good deal of that money likely went towards what the producers are describing as the largest and most epic battle scene that any TV show has ever attempted: The highly tactical confrontation will involved hundreds of human (not CGI) soldiers on the battlefield It will rival the “Blackwater” episode from season two according to EW Though a $10 million price tag for a TV show may sound excessive it’s not unprecedented: The final season of Friends reportedly cost $10 million per episode (including the $1 million paid every episode to each of the six cast members) and the closest Friends came to a battle scene were arguments between Ross and Rachel about whether they were on a break Game of Thrones returns April 24 Write to Eliana Dockterman at [email protected] Several ATMs.

" said Gutierrez. failed to protect "dreamers" – undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children who face losing work permits granted by President Barack Obama under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) but rescinded by Trump." Trump said."We have the most pathetic immigration laws in the world, said Jared Sanger, Monday’s event, "When you see somebody with children who is going to school, they are amazing to me.

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