In Search Of The Best Seattle International MBA Programs

first_img About the AuthorJillian MarkowitzView more posts by Jillian Markowitz regions: Seattle In Search Of The Best Seattle International MBA Programs An MBA education by itself is valuable in today’s economy, but some element of international business education or experience is essential for students hoping to get a full picture of the global marketplace.According to Seattle Trade Alliance, Seattle is the most internationally-tied region in the U.S. This makes Seattle a perfect hub for MBA students to glean insight and experience in the realm of international business. For those Seattle-bound b-schoolers, we’ve laid out three of the region’s most exciting International MBA programs. In Search Of The Best Seattle International MBA ProgramsAlbers School of Business and Economics – Seattle UniversitySeattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics offers a global business certificate that encompasses both global strategy and international business. Students pursuing this track must complete two required courses and may choose three out of six elective course options. MBAs in this program will gain an understanding of how the global economy affects finance, marketing, strategy, management and ethics. This program requires that applicants have two or more years of professional experience and promises that students will graduate with an understanding of cultural differences that affect international business practices, as well as the ability to write an international business report that explores, dissects and proposes solutions to an international business problem.Foster School of Business – University of WashingtonAt University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, students with international business aspirations have a multitude of exciting options. Foster offers a global business certificate, which allows b-schoolers to pursue several international activities. Though the certificate itself is appealing, it is the certificate’s curriculum requirements that make this a compelling option for MBAs.Students are required to attend a Global Business Forum class and discussion, during which professionals from abroad will speak about their experiences and interact with the class. MBAs on this track must choose from one of two possible international experiences. The first option students have is to participate in an exchange program, with one of the 16 schools Foster partners with in places like Finland, France and India. Should students not want to participate in the exchange program, they can choose to attain mastery of a foreign language. MBAs in this program also complete a Global Business Study Tour, which entails a short-term abroad experience wherein students get to meet with executives and business leaders abroad for one to two weeks. Foster also has a Global Consulting Project in which a select group of MBAs travel to India to learn firsthand about social entrepreneurship.Seattle Pacific University School of Business, Government and EconomicsThe Seattle Pacific University School of Business, Government and Economics allows students to tailor their educations via different emphases. For students with international interests, the Social and Sustainable Enterprise Emphasis may be an appealing option. This track involves classes like Business and Global Poverty and Business and Stewardship Global Sustainability. This school’s program may be especially inviting for students with aspirations toward social entrepreneurship, since ethical responsibility is essential to the fabric of the curriculum.center_img Last Updated Jun 20, 2017 by Jillian MarkowitzFacebookTwitterLinkedinemail RelatedThe Best Accelerated MBA Programs Available in SeattleWhen you need to earn your MBA in less than two years, some schools offer the opportunity to take an accelerated MBA path. These programs typically require full-time attendance but have been designed to be completed in twelve to eighteen months. Over the past few years, accelerated MBA programs have…August 7, 2017In “Advice”Full-Time MBA Battle: San Francisco vs. SeattleWhether it’s 49ers vs the Seahawks or Apple vs Microsoft, it may seem like there are a lot of differences between San Francisco and Seattle. Putting these minor dissimilarities aside, however, and you’ll find common ground between two of the northwest’s biggest cities: Both metros are known as top locations for…September 26, 2017In “Featured Home”9 Best Seattle MBA Student ClubsAttending class is only part of your MBA experience. What happens outside the classroom can have an even larger impact on life after your MBA than hours spent in front of a book. If you want to discover new opportunities, meet interesting people and improve your skills, then you need…October 5, 2016In “Advice”last_img

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