Rage easter eggs include Wolfenstein 3D Doom and Quake areas

first_imgWith a history as rich as id Software has, you can’t blame them for wanting to put reminders of past glories in their latest titles, especially in a brand new IP. And that’s exactly what id has done in Rage.In a clear example of the old meeting the new, Rage designers have added one secret room and two secret sections of levels from old games into areas of the Rage environment. When you find them, it may come as a bit of a shock and a nostalgia trip. The first one, for example, is a room right out of Wolfenstein 3D and has the low resolution textures to prove it.By watching the video below you’ll find out where it is located (Ghost Hideout), but I don’t think this ruins anything as you are going to want to visit. Inside you’ll find a pickup in the form of a very rare antique jewel encrusted goblet. Of course, the description in your inventory adds the line “Looks to be of German craftmanship.”This isn’t the only old game reference as there’s Doom and Quake areas to be found too. We won’t tell you where those are, but if you must know then there’s YouTube videos out there showing you where to go.To be honest, the amount of data Carmack’s engine is capable of handling I wouldn’t be surprised to find all three of these classic games hidden in Rage somewhere as an unlock (fingers crossed).If you’re playing the game right now, keep looking, These can’t be the only easter eggs worth finding.via Gamesradarlast_img

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