Black Ops becomes best selling game of all time

first_imgThere’s no denying that Call of Duty: Black Ops was a success before it even got released. The desire for the next CoD episode among gamers grew to the point where it broke sales records in its first 24 hours on sale. In total, it amassed $360 million on day one, easily covering all the development and marketing costs of the game.By the end of 2010 it had surpassed $1 billion in total sales revenue around the world, and it’s with little surprise that NPD is now reporting Black Ops has become the best selling game ever released. If further proof of that were needed, just look at sales of the game for the U.S. alone, which currently total 13.7 million copies.To put the success of Black Ops into perspective NPD also reported in January of this year that total spending for game content during 2010 was $15.6 billion. That’s across just about every sales platform you can think of  from brand new retail store bought games, to digital downloads, used game sales, and even rentals. Black Ops alone accounted for $1 billion of that accrued in a single month.While successful, the game has not been a favorite with all gamers and has left a bad taste in the mouth of PS3 gamers. A petition signed by over 8,800 gamers who bought the game demanded a refund due to the sheer number of issues the title had, a number of which are still awaiting fixes. This also led to talk of Activision considering a PS3 Black Ops server shutdown as a viable option.Substantial sales of the game are no doubt going to continue for several months yet, pushing the record up even further. But there are concerns that Activision will now look to new ways of generating even more revenue from future games in the series. Top of the list is a subscription service for online play and premium content which would surely meet with some anger from gamers.Read more at Industry Gamerslast_img

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