The Best Evangelion OP Parodies of All Time

first_img ‘One Punch Man’ Get A Video Game, Probably Has More Punches‘Cannon Busters’ Is The Black Anime We’ve Been Waiting… Stay on target With Neon Genesis Evangelion poised to find a brand new audience this weekend thanks to its Netflix premiere, we’re revisiting the best thing to come out of this sad teenage mech anime: memes about its opening theme song.What anime fan hasn’t heard the mysterious chants and rousing synthesized beats that make up the original Neon Genesis Evangelion opening theme song? Familiar as it is, you may ask, what could possibly make the exceedingly dramatic and catchy tune even better?Memes. A lot of memes.Whether it’s the dramatic editing of emotional scenes, or the hilarious imposition of famous faces on anime bodies, we are glad that the parodies of the Evangelion opening theme song haven’t stopped for the last 20 years.Here are our top five picks in this incredibly ridiculous and niche category:5. SeinfeldHow do you make the most ridiculous, meaningless show on TV from the 90s even more LOL-worthy? Slap it into an Evangelion setting, complete with the signature Seinfeld opening “twang” noise edited in. Bask in the glory of the show’s inside jokes in this hilarious meme mashup.4. Vladimir PutinThe leader of mother Russia looks ridiculously epic in this parody. With enough dramatic pans and closeups of Putin’s spooky mug to shake a stick at, this one is worth it for the randomness at the end.3. Corey in the HouseOf course the 2007 Disney Channel show Corey In The House gets its own stab at being an anime. The Japanese in this opening is particularly hilarious because it’s just cut and pasted from a Japanese text book. “I eat. I eat food.” “1, 2, 3, 4.” The clips from the show with silhouettes of Asuka and Rei floating over them are pretty meme-worthy as well.2. TrumpGood lord, we can’t do anything in life anymore without there being a Trump version of it. Here’s one fan’s rendition of the tuft-haired presidential candidate, surrounded by his own ridiculous quotes and floating heads.1. BrexitThis is it. Much more hilarious than the other parodies, this video wins number one on our list. Top marks go to the redone subtitles portraying Shinji as a whiny Britain who just wants to leave the EU. Hang in there guys. This one is pretty real.These are just a few of the hundreds of amazing anime opening parodies that exist on the internet. Let us know which ones are your favorites!last_img

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