Paypal challenges Google Wallet with Office Depot POS payments launch

first_imgGoogle Wallet might grab most of the headlines when it comes to mobile payment news, but there are other major players looking to get in on the action. Isis has amassed quite a bit of support from big corporate names — cellular carriers in particular — and there’s talk that Amazon wants a piece of the pie, too. But when it comes to payment services, few names are bigger than PayPal. And it just so happens that PayPal is now making its presence felt at brick-and-mortar stores.No longer is the eBay-owned processor confined to your buy-it-now items or online shops across the web. They’ve already started facilitating payments at more than 50 Home Depot locations in the U.S., and now they’re rolling out mobile payment support at OfficeMax locations. OfficeMax is the second largest office supply retailer in the U.S., so this launch is another fairly big feather in the cap for PayPal.While NFC-equipped smartphones and service like Google Wallet and Isis might be the future, millions of Americans already have a PayPal account. They’ll be able to utilize PayPal’s “wallet in the cloud” immediately at supported locations — not some day down the road when they upgrade their existing phones or the retailer’s POS systems adds NFC support.PayPal’s massive user base gives it a big advantage in mobile payments. In 2005, 91% of Americans who used the Internet had a PayPal account — and there are more PayPal users worldwide than there are American Express cardholders by a wide margin. That kind of clout should be plenty of incentive for other retailers to sign up for the company’s mobile payment service, and it’s going to be interesting to see which gains more traction in the near future: PayPal or Google Wallet.More at BGRlast_img

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