Jamiroquai Reportedly Set To Release New Album In 2017

first_imgUPDATE: Automation is happening. Jamiroquai officially changed all social media graphics, and posted this confirmation video, hinting at a supporting tour with the caption “coming to a planet near you.” Check it out:It’s been seven long years since the lat Jamiroquai album dropped in 2010, and fans have been pining for more from the soulful acid funk band ever since. As 2017 marks the band’s 25th anniversary, rumors continue to swirl around the band’s intentions to release a new album, with some fans believing that new release could come within a matter of months.A lengthy forum discussion on the new album details the full scope of a new project, dubbed Automaton, with a list of 13 potential songs for the release. While this information is unverified, there are a lot of cues that point to its veracity. The first is the Jamiroquai website, which now says “We’re Making Some Changes” after being left untouched since 2010. Other clues to an imminent album release include a number of social media posts, like one from keyboardist Matt Johnson playing a mysterious vinyl acetate record. He eventually took down the post, assumedly because it fueled too much speculation.Bassist Paul Turner made additional comments on his Twitter, saying that it “won’t be long” before “everything is confirmed and made public.”The names of the potential songs come from an update to Jamiroquai’s holdings on ASCAP, the agency that helps artists receive royalties for the licensing of their work. You can read the list of songs below, and keep your fingers crossed for new Jamiroquai!-“Nights Out In The Jungle”(Only Song Noted With “Jamiroquai” as ‘Performer’)Written By Jason Kay-“Gettin’ Down”Written By Sola Akingbola, Rob Harris, Jason Kay & Derrick McKenzie-“Automaton”Written By Jason Kay & Matthew Johnson”-“Cloud 9”Written By Jason Kay & Matthew Johnson-“Dr. Buzz”Written By Jason Kay & Matthew Johnson-“Nice And Spicy”Written By Jason Kay & Matthew Johnson-“Shake It On”Written By Jason Kay & Matthew Johnson-“Something About You”Written By Jason Kay & Matthew Johnson-“Summer Girl”Written By Jason Kay & Matthew Johnson-“Superfresh”Written By Jason Kay & Matthew Johnson-“Vitamin”Written By Jason Kay & Matthew Johnson-“Watching You”Written By Jason Kay & Matthew Johnson-“We Can Do It”Written By Jason Kay & Matthew Johnsonlast_img read more