5 Fall & Winter Energy Solutions from Broadley’s

first_imgShot of a mature couple sitting on their sofa using a laptop and digital tablet At Broadley’s, we don’t want you to get left out in the cold! Poorly functioning heating units or high energy bills are cause for fall (and winter) woes. Purchasing a more efficient heating unit may be able to help with both of these problems. Along with making a purchase, there are at-home and Broadley’s-professional maintenance options to utilize. Below are 5 energy solutions to keep you comfortable as the seasons change.1) Boiler – Gas water boilers are not only more energy efficient than forced air-furnaces, but they provide better indoor air quality and more comfortable heat. Boilers are most commonly compared to forced-air furnaces. The difference is that furnaces involve ductwork. Air is pushed by a blower across heated coils and is delivered to rooms via ductwork. A boiler doesn’t require ductwork, but instead uses water to transport heat through pipes. Boilers use natural or liquid propane gas to heat your home, whereas furnaces use coils and air.Boilers are better for your home than furnaces in many ways; air quality, temperature and cost. Furnaces blow air around, which can dust and dirt particles to flow around the room if filters aren’t continually cleaned and changed. Boilers don’t blow air around, so air quality is better in your home. Boilers also allow for better temperature control in your home because you can control the heat in each room, accordingly. Forced-air furnaces produce more dry air, lacking moisture that is important in the winter months, along with inconsistent heating of rooms. These are reasons we believe a high-efficiency boiler may be right for you! Through October 30th, receive a $500 rebate when you purchase a high-efficiency heater or boiler with Broadley’s. 2) Tankless Water Heater – While initial cost may be higher than other heating units, tankless water heaters generally use 30-50% less energy annually. This type of water heater is becoming more popular and is more energy efficient than other common units. Unlike other units, tankless heaters produce warm water instantly and operate on natural gas or propane. The last family member to take a shower will no longer get a cold shower! Because of this capability, water is only heated when it is needed and helps save on energy and utility costs. A tankless water heater also generally serves a longer life than storage tank heaters.3) Ductless Mini-Splits – Another energy efficient heating option is a ductless mini-split. These systems require one wall-mounted indoor unit along with an outside compressor, but no ductwork is required, ie. “ductless”. These units are much more energy efficient than typical heating units, not only because there is no ductwork for air to escape to, but also because they are able to speed up and slow down, instead of shutting off when the room or home gets to the desired temperature. Shutting off and restarting uses a large amount of energy. Like a boiler, these units move air around to all areas of the house and heat consistently.4) Check home for drafts & insulation– Each year, you should inspect your home to make sure there are no places that air could escape. If you are heating your home and that warm air is escaping through cracks and crevices, you are essentially wasting energy. It is important to caulk or fill in any cracks or crevices in doors, ductwork and windows.  Drafts can also be found in electrical boxes. Another tactic to keep heat in, is to cover drafty windows and patio doors with plastic film. Checking and/or adding insulation to your home can also have a direct effect on the efficiency of your heating unit, reducing any wasted energy.5) Maintenance & Emergency Service – Regardless of the unit you have, it is always important to maintain your systems. By annually or semi-annually having your system inspected, you extend the life of your unit. At Broadley’s we offer a yearly maintenance service contract which includes the service to your unit. To view details of that agreement, you can find the link at the bottom of our homepage at broadleys.net. In addition, Broadley’s now offers emergency service after regular hours for any problems that may happen that need to be dealt with immediately before leaving you in the cold.Whether you have a current heating unit that works to fulfill your needs, or if you are looking for a new one, Broadley’s offers you these energy solutions. High-efficiency units save on energy bills and all around make your life easier. Servicing and maintaining your home and your heating and cooling units also aid in the transition from warm to cool weather. For all of your energy solutions, call the comfort specialists at Broadley’s at 609-390-3907.last_img read more