Gail Riecken responds to Appeals Lawsuit

first_imggail rieckenUnited States 7th Circuit Court Judge Richard Posner said Evansville police made too many mistakes to reasonably qualify for immunity from liability in the federal lawsuit regarding flash bang use on the wrong Evansville home.  “I don’t think mistakes were made by rank and file officers.  I think the city’s leadership failed,” said Gail Riecken.Mayor Winnecke stated the following when he ran for office:Leadership of a quality police and fire department starts with the Mayor. Our administration will promote a culture of excellence that is founded on integrity and discipline.The police and fire chief will report directly to the Mayor’s office, creating an open, unfiltered flow of information. This direct line of communication will include frequent briefings from both chiefs relating to issues involving community safety.The Mayor must have total confidence in the police and fire chief. We will reassess the leadership of both departments and make the changes needed to ensure accountability and the highest standard of services and performance.“It appears the culture of excellence and discipline that is to be promoted by our administration is missing,” said Riecken after reading the judges comments.  Riecken continued, “again, I think the rank and file executed a warrant and adhered to orders they were duty bound to follow.  However, the Mayor and his appointed leadership did not live up to the standards the Mayor promised us.”Gail Riecken looks forward to providing leadership as Mayor and working to enhance the trust and better communication between law enforcement and the local community.Gail Riecken is running for Mayor of Evansville and is a former Evansville City Council-woman, Evansville Parks Director, and a current member of the Indiana State House of Representatives.  She is a lifelong Evansville resident, has been married for 46 years, and has 2 children and 3 grandchildren.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more